Common mistake one handed (one-handed)

Common Mistake: One handed (one-handed)

When it comes to grammar and spelling, it's easy to make mistakes, even with seemingly simple words or phrases. One common mistake that people often make involves the use of the adjective or adverb "one handed."

The Correct Spelling: One-handed

The correct spelling of this phrase requires a hyphen between "one" and "handed." Therefore, it should be written as "one-handed."

Let's take a closer look at why a hyphen is necessary in this case.

  • Adjective Usage: When used as an adjective, "one-handed" describes something that is done or is meant to be done using only one hand. For example:
    • She typed a one-handed text message on her smartphone.
    • I watched an incredible one-handed catch during the football game.
  • Adverb Usage: When used as an adverb, "one-handed" modifies a verb to indicate that the action is performed with only one hand. For example:
    • The musician played the guitar one-handed.
    • He dribbled the basketball one-handed.

By including the hyphen in "one-handed," you ensure that the phrase is clear and easy to understand. It effectively indicates that "one" and "handed" are connected and function together as a single word modifier.

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one handed (one-handed) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    She caught the ball one handed.

    She caught the ball one-handed.

  • Correct:
    No one handed them anything.
  • Correct:
    One handed me a basket and said "My child shop with care.
  • Correct:
    All the employees but one handed in their notices.
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