Common mistake on off (on-off)

The Common Mistake of "On Off" vs. "On-Off"

When it comes to spelling compound adjectives, there are often common mistakes that many people make. One such mistake is with the phrase "on off" versus "on-off."

The Correct Spelling: "On-Off"

When using the term "on" as an adjective to describe something that can be switched or toggled, it should be combined with a hyphen before the second adjective "off." Therefore, the correct spelling is "on-off."

For example:

  • "She has an on-off relationship with her boyfriend."
  • "The on-off switch is located on the side of the device."
  • "He has an on-off button for his computer."

Using the hyphen between "on" and "off" helps clarify that these two words function as one combined adjective to describe the relationship or state of something.

Remember, always use a hyphen when creating compound adjectives like "on-off."

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on off (on-off) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Tom and Mary are having an on off relationship.

    Tom and Mary are having an on-off relationship.

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