Common mistake Missing hyphen in 'billion dollar'

Common Mistake: Missing Hyphen in 'Billion-Dollar'

One common grammatical mistake that people often make is forgetting to use a hyphen when combining words to create compound adjectives. This is especially true when it comes to the phrase "billion-dollar."


When using compound adjectives like "billion-dollar," a hyphen should be used to connect the two words. This is important because it helps clarify that the intended meaning is a noun (dollar) modifying another noun (billion). Without the hyphen, the phrase can be misinterpreted and cause confusion.


Incorrect: This project is worth billions of dollars.

Correct: This project is worth billion-dollar investments.

The incorrect sentence lacks the necessary hyphen and therefore incorrectly suggests that the project is worth multiple billions of dollars. On the other hand, the corrected sentence uses the hyphen to create the compound adjective "billion-dollar," clarifying that it refers to investments in the billions of dollars range.

The Importance of Correct Usage:

Using hyphens in compound adjectives is crucial for maintaining clarity and preventing ambiguity in your writing. Correctly applying hyphens ensures that your intended meaning is accurately conveyed to your readers.

Avoiding this common mistake not only helps to create well-written sentences, but it also ensures that your message is easily understood. When your writing is clear and free of grammatical errors, your readers can focus on your message rather than being distracted by confusing or incorrect language usage.

Whether you are writing a formal essay, a business report, or an informal email, maintaining proper grammar is essential for effective communication.

In order to help you with this and many other grammatical issues, Linguix grammar checker is a valuable tool.

Missing hyphen in 'billion dollar' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    That's a billion dollar idea!

    That's a billion-dollar idea!

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