Common mistake missing hyphen after 'mid'

Common Mistakes in English Grammar


English grammar can be quite challenging, even for native speakers. There are various rules and exceptions that can easily confuse anyone. In this article, we will discuss some common mistakes that people make in English grammar and provide examples to help you understand them better.

Mistake: Missing Hyphen

It is common to see a hyphen being missed in certain words, resulting in incorrect spelling. One such instance is with the word "mid."

Incorrect: The students took a mid term exam.

Correct: The students took a mid-term exam.

Explanation: The word "mid-term" requires a hyphen to connect "mid" and "term." Without the hyphen, it becomes a spelling mistake.

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English grammar can be tricky, and it is essential to be aware of common mistakes. By learning from these mistakes and with the help of tools like Linguix Grammar Checker, you can enhance your writing skills and communicate more effectively in English.

missing hyphen after 'mid' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He woke up mid sleep and screamed.

    He woke up mid-sleep and screamed.

  • Incorrect:
    Tom was in his mid thirties when he got married.

    Tom was in his mid-thirties when he got married.

  • Correct:
    Kevin, Jo Williams said that you needed a quote for transportation from Mid 4 to Mid 3 in the Waha area.
  • Correct:
    This cost is added in addition to the power price at MID C. Mennad's nose was hurting.
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