Common mistake make since (sense)

Common Grammar Mistake: Make Since vs. Make Sense

Have you ever come across a sentence that didn't quite "make since"? Perhaps you meant to say "make sense" instead. This is a common grammar mistake that many people make, often without even realizing it.

When we talk about something making sense, we mean that it is logical, understandable, or reasonable. It is a phrase that is commonly used in everyday conversations and writing. However, some people mistakenly use the phrase "make since" instead, which is incorrect.

The correct phrase is "make sense," not "make since." Here's an example to illustrate this:

  • Incorrect: His explanation didn't make since.
  • Correct: His explanation didn't make sense.

If you want to convey that something is logical or understandable, it is important to use the proper phrase "make sense" in your sentences.

Understanding the Difference

To understand why it is incorrect to say "make since," let's break down the phrases:

  • "Make": This verb indicates the act of creating, causing, or forming something.
  • "Sense": This noun refers to a clear and logical understanding or meaning.
  • "Since": This conjunction is used to indicate a point in time or a cause-effect relationship.

When we say "make sense," we are using the verb "make" to create or cause a clear understanding or meaning. On the other hand, "since" is unrelated to the act of making something logical or understandable.

So, when you say "make since" instead of "make sense," it doesn't convey the intended meaning and can confuse the reader or listener.

Using Linguix Grammar Checker

To avoid this common grammar mistake and improve your writing skills, consider using the Linguix Grammar Checker. It is a powerful tool that helps you identify and correct grammar errors, including incorrect phrases like "make since." By using this tool, you can enhance the clarity and accuracy of your writing, ensuring that it makes sense to your readers.

make since (sense) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Something like 90 most likely never makes since.

    Something like 90 most likely never makes sense.

  • Incorrect:
    It makes since to do it like that.

    It makes sense to do it like that.

  • Correct:
    There have been three made since the launch.
  • Correct:
    A promise Mr Johnson had repeatedly made since he became prime minister.
  • Correct:
    Especially since you have done it.
  • Correct:
    Many changes have been made since my previous visit.
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