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Common Mistake: Misspelling "LinkedIn"

LinkedIn is a popular social business platform that connects professionals from all over the world. However, many people often make a simple mistake when writing the name of this platform.

The Correct Spelling: LinkedIn

The correct spelling of the platform's name is "LinkedIn" with a capital "I" and a lowercase "n". It is essential to use the correct spelling to maintain professionalism and credibility in your written communication.

Examples of Incorrect Spellings:

  • Linkedin
  • Linkdin
  • Linked-In

Using any of these variations is not only incorrect but also reflects a lack of attention to detail. Employers and potential connections may view such mistakes negatively, as it can indicate a lack of professionalism.

To avoid making this common mistake, it is important to double-check the spelling of "LinkedIn" whenever you write about the platform.

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LinkedIn mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We are using Linkedin to run ads.

    We are using LinkedIn to run ads.

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