Common mistake frisbee (Frisbee)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Capitalization of the Word Frisbee


When it comes to capitalization, there are several rules to follow in the English language. One common mistake that many people make is the improper capitalization of the word "frisbee." In this article, we will discuss why the word "frisbee" is normally capitalized and provide examples to illustrate its correct usage.

The Proper Capitalization of Frisbee

The word "frisbee" is a brand name and a trademark for a plastic disk used in sports. As such, it is considered a proper noun and should be capitalized when referring to the specific disk made by the Wham-O company. For example:

Incorrect: I enjoy playing frisbee in the park.

Correct: I enjoy playing Frisbee in the park.

In the incorrect example, the word "frisbee" is written in lowercase, which is not grammatically accurate. On the other hand, the correct example capitalizes "Frisbee" as it refers to the specific brand of the disk.

Using Frisbee as a Common Noun

Despite being a proper noun, "frisbee" is sometimes used as a common noun to refer to any similar flying disk. In these cases, "frisbee" should be written in lowercase. Take a look at the following examples:

Correct: We spent the afternoon throwing around a frisbee at the beach.

Incorrect: We spent the afternoon throwing around a Frisbee at the beach.

In the correct example, "frisbee" is used as a generic term for any flying disk. Thus, it should not be capitalized. Using an uppercase "F" in this context would imply that the specific brand of disk made by Wham-O was used.

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In Conclusion

Capitalization plays an essential role in proper grammar usage. Remember to capitalize the word "Frisbee" when referring to the specific disk made by the Wham-O company. However, use a lowercase "frisbee" when using the word as a common noun to refer to any flying disk. By following these rules, you will be able to communicate effectively and accurately in your writing.

frisbee (Frisbee) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He went to the park to throw his frisbee.

    He went to the park to throw his Frisbee.

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