Common mistake every body (everybody)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Every Body (Everybody)

Grammar can be tricky, even for seasoned writers. One common mistake that often slips through the cracks is the incorrect usage of "every body" instead of the correct form, "everybody." In this blog post, we will explore the difference between these two phrases and how to avoid this mistake in your writing.

Understanding the Difference

The key to understanding this mistake lies in the correct usage of the pronoun "everybody." While it may seem logical to spell it as two words "every body," it is actually incorrect.

"Everybody" is an indefinite pronoun that refers to every person or every member of a group. It is used to talk about a large group of people collectively.

For example:

  • Incorrect: Every body was out shopping on Black Friday.
  • Correct: Everybody was out shopping on Black Friday.

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How to Avoid the Mistake

To avoid the "every body" mistake in your writing, keep in mind these simple guidelines:

  • Remember to use "everybody" as one word: Ensure that you do not split the pronoun into two separate words. It should always be written as a single word.
  • Proofread your writing: Take the time to review your work for any common grammar mistakes, such as this one. Pay attention to sentence structure and pronoun usage.
  • Utilize grammar checkers: Tools like Linguix Grammar Checker can greatly assist you in catching and rectifying errors in your writing. It will help you identify and correct any instances of "every body" when you meant to use "everybody."

By following these guidelines and utilizing the right tools, you can ensure that your writing is grammatically correct and error-free.

every body (everybody) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Every body is happy!

    Everybody is happy!

  • Incorrect:
    Please inform every body about this.

    Please inform everybody about this.

  • Correct:
    Every body is a good body.
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