Common mistake decision making (decision-making)

Common Mistake: Decision Making

One of the most common mistakes in English grammar involves the hyphenation of compound words, such as "decision making".

Correct Usage: Decision-Making

The correct way to write this compound word is "decision-making".


When two or more words are used together to form a single idea or concept, they are known as compound words. In some cases, a hyphen is needed to connect these words and indicate that they should be seen as a single unit.

In the example of "decision-making", the words "decision" and "making" are joined together to describe the process of deciding something. The hyphen between the two words indicates that they are being used to create a compound word with a unique meaning.

Why is it important?

Using proper hyphenation is important because it helps convey the intended meaning and ensures clarity in written communication. In the case of "decision-making", without the hyphen, it could be interpreted as "making a decision" rather than the process of decision-making.

Using hyphens correctly also helps readers easily identify compound words, especially when they are not commonly used or when the meaning may be unclear without the hyphen.

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decision making (decision-making) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The decision making took us 3 days.

    The decision-making took us 3 days.

  • Correct:
    Isn't that decision making it harder for us?
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