Using the Linguix Statistics Report to Improve Your Writing

The Linguix AI-powered writing assistant isn’t just a means by which you can instantly improve the content of your reports, emails, blog posts or whatever else you may be writing. But, of course, it will do that too.

For Linguix actually enables you to become a better writer: someone who is able to reach your audience in the right way with the correct style and choice of words. 

As well as all the benefits of the Linguix free Chrome extension, also available on Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, the Linguix web tool, accessible on the webpage, allows you to enter any text into the ‘Document’ feature, as displayed on the left-hand column.

Here you can start writing whatever it is you wish to put together, or you could simply copy and paste something that you have written elsewhere.

Here, all your written mistakes will be underlined, and suggestions will be made. Here are just some of the common mistakes that will be highlighted:

  • Casing – any issues with using, or not using, capital letters.
  • Grammar – any grammatical mistakes or errors that you may have made.
  • Punctuation – those all-too-familiar issues with periods, commas etc.
  • Redundancy – words, or phrases, that may have been included, but which may be totally unnecessary.
  • Style – is the style of your writing – the vocabulary for example – suitable for your chosen audience?
  • Typos – any spelling mistakes you may have made in your text.

By simply hovering over the word or phrase that is underlined, the style of mistake that has been made will be named, and then possible corrections will be offered.

You are also given, on the right-hand side, a quick overview of how many of these types of mistakes are included in your text. 

In this way, you can quickly begin to learn from your common mistakes, avail of the correct options, and instantly improve the quality of your writing. Indeed, what you learn over time from these corrections is equally as valuable.

Statistics and Audience

On the right-hand side of this ‘Document’ page, however, is something equally as valuable for your writing.

First of all, you will be given a ‘Statistics’ report.

Click on this option and you will be given some incredibly relevant information:

  • Document Statistics – the number of characters, the number of words, the number of sentences, the average reading time of the text, and the average speaking time.
  • Readability – the average length of the words you use (including whether this is average, below average, or above average), the average sentence length, in words, (including whether this is average, below average, or above average), and the Readability score.

The Readability score is based on the universally respected Flesch–Kincaid Readability Test, which indicates the complexity of a piece of writing. This score (out of 100) will then be qualified by a short synopsis, indicating what level of reader the text is suitable for.

The power of this information is obvious: you can immediately use all of this detailed information to not only improve the quality of your writing (in terms of the number of mistakes) but also adapt your writing so that it meets the needs of your desired audience.

You can access this statistics from our browser extension as well:

But Linguix is not done, because there is also an ‘Audience’ tool.

The ‘Audience’ tool is where you actively edit the parameters in terms of the type of audience you are hoping to reach. 

For instance, you can select the traits for readability, including such options as ‘general’, or ‘knowledgeable’, or even something more advanced such as ‘specialist’, ‘academic’ or even ‘genius’.

You can also select ‘your goal’, which as the name would suggest, means you can select the option which best fits your objective of your writing: ‘storytelling’, ‘promotion’ and ‘call to action’ are just some of the options.

Finally, you can select the relevant emotion of your writing, such as ‘calm’ or ‘exciting’.

In manipulating these parameters in the best way possible to suit your intended style of writing, the performance report can then truly assess your writing against your objective, making sure that you are not producing writing that contains no mistakes, but does exactly what its purpose is.

That is how the Linguix writing tool can improve your writing. 

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