The Exciting New Features That Linguix Has to Offer

Linguix, the AI-powered writing assistant, has many beloved features that have already attracted a loyal and growing audience.

The free-to-download Chrome/Mozilla/Edge extension, for example, allows the user to check their spelling and grammar wherever they write on the web thanks to the Linguix database of corrections, stocked by language experts. Get suggestions as you write, including on popular sites such as Facebook, Gmail and LinkedIn. 

The extension also allows users to avail of a huge language library consisting of dictionary definitions of words and a comprehensive list of synonyms and antonyms. By simply hovering over the word in question – again anywhere on the web – the user can unearth all the information needed about that particular word.

The content building tool on the Linguix application allows users to formulate their text and avail of spell-checking, grammar-checking and style-checking reviews that have been built by professional writers and linguists.

What is more, Linguix insights allow the user to avail of important statistics pertaining to his or her writing; from the average number of words in a sentence to the average number of sentences in a paragraph; from the reading time to the text suitability in terms of the chosen audience; from a reading score based on the highly valued Flesch-Kincaid system, to the ability to configure the style and tone of the text and even the English dialect that you are aiming for. 

Then there is a content template library meaning users do not need to start from scratch when wanting to formulate an important document. 

And at the start of 2020, Linguix was even made compatible with Google docs, meaning the writing assistant tool is now available for collaborative teams to use.

But now there is even more that Linguix has to offer:

200% faster web editor

Enjoy our brand-new web editor: we’ve increased the speed of grammar check for long documents by 200% percent on average. Now, after your text is uploaded to the system, any changes are checked instantly with no delay.

Redesigned Chrome/Mozilla/Edge extensions

The redisgned Chrome/Mozilla/Edge extensions mean even more of a seamless integration into your existing web writing practices. The database of suggestions and recommendations has grown, and the number and suitability of synonyms and word definitions has been refined further.  

Advanced writing insights

Advanced writing insights, already available in the application, are now accessible to Premium users right there in the extension on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. This means that the same level of audience and readability compatibility insights are easily accessed for writing that is already published on the web by simply highlighting the text in question.

This tool not only works as an editing tool, but it is educational in the level of detail and understanding provided for an already-written text. In particular, understanding of the suitability of the text to the target audience is invaluable. 

With these new updates, the Linguix writing assistant is going from strength to strength.

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