Setting Up Your Home Office: 19 Non-obvious Tips & Ideas from WFH Professionals

Setting Up Your Home Office: 19 Non-obvious Tips & Ideas from WFH Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic made the lion’s share of companies adapt to remote work. So, for a couple of years, most employees had no choice but to work from home. However, remote work turned out to have significant advantages — many professionals now are satisfied with working from home full time.  

To make your home office as convenient as possible, at least you need to:

  • Create a dedicated workspace;
  • Buy a comfortable chair, mouse and keyboard;
  • Provide high-speed internet connection;
  • Provide proper lighting;
  • and so on.

However, mature WFH professionals have a lot to add to the list. Today we’re here to get recommendations from them on how to set up a productive home office. Let’s get started!

Cat Balli, Independent Contractor for Graphic Design & Marketing and Linguix user

“Make sure everything is organized, the temperature is comfortable and the universal docking station is easy to reach”

“I have everything organized by detail, from my drawing tools to different paper. It’s also located near a window with a good view but not right in front of it to keep my temperature regulated and comfortable while also separating myself from direct outside distractions. 

I keep my power strip on top so it’s easy to reach and use all my devices easily like my drawing tablet, computer, and camera for recording. It’s comfortable but also helps me stay focused and motivated.”

Preeti Sharma, Freelance Writer & Parenting Influencer

“I have tips for every corner. Here are some for working in the kitchen”

“While working from the kitchen I suggest keeping your laptop either on top of the microwave (off) or on another slab that doesn’t have a gas stove.

Try not to stretch this combo for more than 20 minutes or we don’t know what can this cooking and working combo can do to you.

Try to avoid typing work in the kitchen.

Here is a pic from my kitchen: it is not so clean, always, I haven’t started the kitchen work yet ;)”

Krishi Jain, Content Writer

“1. I’ve made a rule for myself to ditch my PJs and get into work clothes before starting to work, this has really helped me get into the feels and be more productive.

2. I keep my water bottle and a few snacks around me because staying hydrated is important and a little munching hurts nobody.

3. I use the Google Workspace for everything but still I keep a notepad and pen handy to jot down anything.

4. It is very important to regularly clean your workspace in order to keep yourself motivated.

You just need to experiment with your work-from-home space and notice what works the best for you. Make sure you have a separate workspace and are not working from the bed.”

Suleman Ahmed and Petra Ceason, Linguix users

“No one can disturb you in your own little cave”

Sometimes family members seem to forget you’re actually working from home. So it’s crucial to set clear boundaries. Make sure everyone in your house knows that when you enter that dedicated workspace, they can’t disturb you. Also, ask them politely to not create noise if possible. 

“My workspace is not so luxurious — it’s too hot to sit in front of my PC but still, it’s comfortable because no one can disturb me while doing my work.”

“It’s my own little cave”

Natica Solari, Student & Linguix user

“Don’t forget about plants and fresh air!”

Multiple studies proved that having plants in your home and office improves concentration and memory performance. Flowers, in turn, greatly elevate people’s moods and reduce the likelihood of stress-related depression. Flowers and ornamental plants increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed.

“My workspace is small, simple and surrounded by plants and fresh air.”

Agrima Srivastava, Machine Learning Engineer at FactSet Research Systems

“Pictures and motivational quotes are a great way to spice up your room and desk”

“I have recently shifted to this new house and this is how my desk looks nowadays. Some of the things that you would always find on my desk / in my room are :

  • The Keep Calm photos;
  • Lots of motivational quotes;
  • A photo of Lord Buddha;
  • Water Bottle to keep me hydrated;
  • A Smiley that reminds me to be happy always.

Pictures are a great way to spice up your room and desk. Just add a few pictures of your loved ones or things that make you happy and you will be all set.”

What helps you to stay productive while working from home?

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