Reduce the Cost of Consumer Miscommunication with Linguix

Have you ever thought about what poor communication, or miscommunication, costs your business?

It’s a hard number to quantify.

Here are just some examples of how communication errors can affect your bottom line.

·  A poorly worded email with a client fails to get the response you wanted. Were they just not interested, or did the presentation and content of your email seal your fate?

·  A marketing campaign that uses unclear wording. How many people would have followed up, but didn’t?

·  A website that is full of written mistakes and unclear language. How is your website’s bounce rate affected by this bad impression?

Of course, these are once again difficult numbers to get a handle on, but what we can say with little doubt is that there is a cost to your business in terms of your communication not hitting the spot. And it is likely significant.

So, what can you do?

Upskilling your staff in their communication abilities is, of course, desirable, but perhaps unrealistic. For a start, it will be expensive.

However, a smart writing tool that identifies mistakes as users write, offering up more suitable alternatives to fit style and purpose, and available for as little as $10 per user per month? That is something altogether more affordable and practice. And think about the value it can add.

Linguix has developed an AI-powered writing tool that does all of that, helping shape your communication content and reducing wastage.  

What is Linguix?

As previously mentioned, Linguix is written content assistant, and the premise of the tool is simple: the production of high-quality content that is stylistically appropriate and free from mistakes.

And although Linguix covers all kinds of content, from academic to social, it is particularly useful for business, even offering up a number of useful stock templates that employees can use to frame their content.

How do I use the Linguix tool?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply copy-and-paste your required content into the Linguix editing tool on the web app, and the sophisticated tool scans the context looking for mistakes, then offering up suggestions to elevate the content to a better level (thus guarding against miscommunications and errors).

Is the Linguix writing tool secure?

Entirely. You need not fret against data breaches as Linguix offers premium levels of security, including a feature that operates in a way similar to the secret chat mode on WhatsApp, meaning no trace of the content is left after it has been edited.

How can written content be improved by the Linguix tool?

When you are writing content, it is important to think about the audience and purpose. Who are you writing for, and what do you want to achieve from your writing? So, for example, if it is marketing content, who is your primary audience, and what do you want them to do once they have seen your content?

Once you have these considerations clear, then the quality of your written content all comes down to style (is it suitable for your audience?), grammatical construction (are the sentences grammatically sound?), readability (how does it read in terms of flow and simplicity, and is your message clear?), combinations (do your words collocate properly?), and of course, spelling.

The Linguix tool is far from a simple spellcheck system. Many other tools can do this for you, but other than removing spelling errors, this adds little other value. Poorly written content is still poor.

In contrast, the algorithms that Linguix utilizes not only identifies misspellings, but also the failure or confusion of words in context, which is most important of all. Everyone can be fallible in this respect.

Grammatical mistakes are also identified. The Linguix database of stock content has been compiled by linguists and so when your writing is evaluated, it is compared against a comprehensive library of recommended content. From there, deviations can be identified, and proper replacement words of phrases recommended.

What is the cost to my business?

The Linguix writing assistant and extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is available to download for free.

The Premium offering includes suggestions and recommendations from an extended database of errors and suggestions. It also offers tailored options depending on the type of content you are producing for your business, be it emails, commercial proposals, corporate texts or anything else. You also get readability scores and stats that show progress.

Get all this on an annual plan that works out at just $8 per month.

So, although the mistakes that your employees make in their content are hard to quantify, the cost-benefit of availing of a smart writing tool like that offered by Linguix is clear to see.

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