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Make Your Brand Stronger With Linguix: Introducing Company Style Guides

Clean, compelling, and error-free communications are key to closing deals faster, winning new customers, and retaining existing ones. This is why companies of all sizes put the effort into developing a robust and compelling brand. However, to do so, your communications should be consistent across various channels and applications, which is easier said than done.

Nowadays, customers expect the highest possible level of support, and they want to understand everything during the communication with a brand easily. When employees use words people do not easily understand (like internal jargon) or may perceive as impolite, this immediately leads to lost sales and harms the brand.

That’s why we are happy to announce our new feature that will help businesses using Linguix: customizable company style guides. Here is how you can use them to boost your communications:

1. Ensure correct product and feature names

Products and services are the key touchpoints with your customers. So, when the employee misspells the product’s name or describes it inconsistently, this will create a bad impression. A correct and consistent image of all product-related materials from ad copy to support articles helps customers in onboarding and switching from competitors.

2. Enforce clear, polite, and friendly messages

Communication develops and evolves as well as perceptions of what is acceptable or not. To ensure all corporate communications are clear, polite, and inclusive, use Style Guides to help employees avoid any mistakes that might have a considerable cost.

3. Always correct branded terms

Despite the names of the products or services, tons of branded terms just can’t be misspelled. Event titles, executive names, or positions, if written wrong, look unprofessional, eliminate customer trust, and devalue the work that many people did.

Linguix is trusted by teams and employees at Amazon, Uber, Bold Penguin, and other companies for its unique features like style guides that help them to deliver better results.

An example of how Linguix Business adds value, is Smile Bright Media Inc. A Florida-based international marketing agency works with tech startups worldwide to help them build a great public image through top-notch content. Style guides are great for improving corporate content, and assisting international teams in sounding native, be consistent, and always correct.

“We use Style Guides to create blog posts and other corporate content for our customers. The feature ensures that all brand-related names and terms are always correct, messages are clear and crisp, no matter what communication channels do we use.”

Vlad Tishkin, Head of Sales, Smile Bright Media Inc.

We plan to develop Linguix for Business and add more tools that will help companies and professionals to achieve better results, earn more, and elevate customer experience for higher ROI and retention.

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