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Linguix for Non-profits

Much has been written about how online writing tools benefit individuals and businesses in a work context, but what about the benefits to individuals in regions of the world where struggles are of a rather more different, and urgent nature? And what about the non-profits that work tirelessly to assist those in need?

The AI- and machine-learning powered writing assistant developed by Linguix has proven to be an essential communication aide for business professionals around the world, assisting anyone learning or operating in English improve their grammar, learn an abundance of new English vocabulary, tailor their writing style to the situation and medium they are using, and develop an effective and productive writing style suitable to all manner of business scenarios.

But the Linguix tool isn’t just targeted at business professionals…

The Linguix EDU Project

The Linguix EDU projects assist students and teachers alike to be better at what they do through improved written communication.

As a student, for example, your life is full of homework, assignments, essays, and dissertations, as well as the normal written communication methods that fill our day-to-day lives. The Linguix EDU project assists with the provision of services such as a comprehensive grammar checker, vocabulary enhancement tool, and personalized language learning through the display of detailed rules and explanations.

And that’s not all. Detailed writing insights include readability scores and statistics, and there is access to a comprehensive learning handbook.

Linguix also offers a content template library covering all manner of different essay objectives and styles, allowing students to structure their work and embark on the type of assessments that can push upgrades and greatly contribute to an effective learning experience.

How Linguix helps non-profits

The Linguix EDU project is, therefore, an incredibly useful tool for anyone who is looking to improve their written communication skills in English, and of course, that includes many people of all ages in developing countries who are striving to educate themselves in a language that will provide them with access to many more opportunities.

Many non-profits operate in the sphere of education and economic advancement. One such organization is Idea Hub Nepal, which states its mission ‘to work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change for differently-abled adults and children’ through liberation, rehabilitation and development programs.

The Linguix EDU project, driven by the powerful AI-driven writing assistant that Linguix has developed, plays an important role in assisting in the development of those individuals, helping bring them to a written level where they are can actively complete education programs and then advance into the world of work. It is that kind of development which the Linguix EDU project can help power, and why the company is so proud to partner with non-profits such as Idea Hub Nepal.

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