Style Top 7 Paraphrasing Tools for Effortless Rewriting in 2023

Enhancing the uniqueness of text is possible with an AI paraphrase tool. You can modify and paraphrase sentences and paragraphs using such tools. The ideal AI technology can perfectly enhance content. Marketers now rely on cutting-edge AI paraphrase tools to create original content. Utilising their precious time therefore becomes considerably simpler.  Today, it can be […]

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How-to Why fact-checking matters: A Conversation with Jenna St John, B2B&SaaS editor

In the age of information overload, content must stand out for its value to the readers. You need to find the right angle and bring out the most trustful information you can. Jenna St John, B2B&SaaS Editor at Grizzle, knows for a fact that it’s a strategy for the win. We talked to Jenna about […]

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Inspiration How To Find Your Writing Voice: A Talk with Connor Flynn, freelance writer and content creator

Joan Didion said that we tell ourselves stories in order to live. That’s why storytelling has been the most powerful force of culture since the beginnings of time. Out today’s interview hero, Connor Flynn, a freelance writer and content creator, also believes that a simple story can impact and connect lots of people. We talked […]

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How-to How to Write an Effective Out-of-Office Message

Constant access to multiple gadgets has become our new norm and it’s now too hard to stop checking emails and task managers even on our time off. Nevertheless, it’s crucial for your mental health to be offline at least on vacations. However, it’s clear that your colleagues and clients deserve a timely response. An out-of-office […]

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How-to 6 Tips to Write a Compelling Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is a sales rep’s attempt to sell a company’s service through short and persuasive messages via social media, emails or phone calls. The goal of writing a sales pitch is to catch prospective clients’ attention and convince them to learn more about the company’s products or services.  The 80/20 rule, also known […]

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Grammar What is the Oxford Comma and When You Need It

The Oxford Dictionary defines the Oxford comma as “a comma used after the penultimate item in a list of three or more items, before ‘and’ or ‘or’.” Simply put, it’s the comma placed before the conjunction at the end of a list of things. For instance: I’d like to meet my colleagues, Kristen, and James. […]

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Research How Companies Use Linguix Style Guides: Inclusive Language, Correct Corporate Terms, Brand Safety

Updated: November 24, 2021 Companies across multiple industries have been striving to boost diversity among their teams for decades. However, many leaders have realized that more can be done in terms of inclusivity. One of the most apparent parts of these efforts is promoting inclusive language in corporate communications, both internal and external. Unfortunately, multiple […]

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Grammar Grammar for Marketers: Why Grammar and Spelling Matters for Your Brand Message and Image

Grammar, spelling and punctuation is not something a lot of people have really thought about since high school. That’s because it’s not really very important, especially if you are in business, right? Right? Wrong. Because if your business is somehow connected to sales and marketing (not to mention that it includes any form of communication […]

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Grammar Why Spelling and Grammar Mistakes Do Affect SEO

Here’s the million-dollar question: do Google and other search engine giants assess spelling and grammar in terms of SEO? Some people will tell you that they don’t. That is partly true. However, spelling and grammar absolutely do affect SEO because they are interictally linked to readability and user experience. These are two incredibly important considerations […]

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Grammar What Really Is the Difference Between British and American English?

To start, let’s clear up a couple of misconceptions about English. First of all, although there are considered to be different dialects of English, in reality the English language only really differs in accent and vocabulary. And often, the vocabulary differences between dialects are usually colloquial in nature. What does that all mean? It means […]

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