1. one of the distinct individuals forming a colonial animal such as a bryozoan or hydrozoan
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How To Use zooid In A Sentence

  • Mr. Busk, however, does not know of any gradations now existing between a zooid and an avicularium. VII. Miscellaneous Objections to the Theory of Natural Selection
  • But look carefully and you will see the tentaculate zooids that confirm their animal nature.
  • The body, similar to the zooid of ectoprocts and entoprocts, comprises a cupulate section with a robust attachment.
  • Obelia Medusa: Second Generation - The second generation of the obelia life cycle begins when the medusae are released by the gonozooids and become free swimming forms. Undefined
  • These cell masses, known as statoblasts, remain dormant for some time and can withstand drying and freezing; when conditions are favorable, the statoblasts germinates and forms a new zooid.
  • I'm not a biologist, but I do read that a zooid is a single cell that can move independently within a larger organism. Angola, Spare Standards And A Zooid: New Jazz Albums
  • Adventitious avicularia and cortical zooidal polymorphs are not apparent.
  • In colonial hydroids, the individual polyps, or zooids, are differentiated for different functions: gastrozooids feed, dactylozoids capture prey, and gonozooids give rise to medusoids with gametes.
  • The feeding zooids use retractile tentacles, called the lophophore, to filter feed and have a U-shaped gut for digestion.
  • They range in size from tiny zooids that live together in large matrix materials to large solitary individuals such as the cunjevoi.
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