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How To Use young Turk In A Sentence

  • The scream of the young Turkish girl who caught sight of me relieving myself in a strategically placed potted fig must have woken most of the hotel's inhabitants.
  • A couple of months back, some of you might recall, it was one Young Turk turned Old Guard with an ill-fated article on international SF, a Caesar of dubious pontification that met a Senate of aggravated responses. New BSC Review Column
  • Promoted to the rank of pasha in April 1916, he was virtually exiled by his Young Turk rivals to the eastern front.
  • There were some what I would call - unsuitably, given the circumstances - young Turks who are not Turks but who were proved more hostile. Bridging The Christian-Muslim Divide
  • ‘Goodness, darling, that up-and-coming young Turk John Major has some sock suspenders exactly like yours,’ she might have chirruped in an unguarded moment.
  • The females and their broods can all associate with each other, so there may be multiple hens with poults (young turkeys) in a group.
  • The issue is that of political phasing of reforms and compromise political management, which some Young Turks had not fully argued or were averse to 1994.
  • The station, made famous in the eponymous Oscar-nominated film, was filled with grizzled old men in rakish Panama hats, young Turks in Bermuda shorts and T-shirts, and besuited and bemused commuters.
  • Young turkeys are susceptible to parasitic infestation as well as to the same type of bacterial and virus diseases as chickens (for example, fowlpox and coccidiosis). 5 Chicken
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