yolk sac

  1. membranous structure enclosing the yolk of eggs in birds, reptiles, marsupials, and some fishes; circulates nutrients to the developing embryo
  2. membranous structure that functions as the circulatory system in mammalian embryos until the heart becomes functional
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How To Use yolk sac In A Sentence

  • High humidity can cause an unabsorbed yolk sac, resulting in the chicks being smeared with yolk.
  • Conclusion: Although the yolk sac tumor out of gonad have characteristics of malignant tumor by CT scanning, it is still lack of specificity, and need further physiological examination.
  • the yolk sac is gradually vascularized
  • The resulting embryos were incubated in 750 ml Zuger bottles at a constant temperature of 28.2 0.2°C until yolk sac resorption.
  • The stem cells for hematopoiesis in mammals are derived from mesoderm in the yolk sac blood islands and a region of the aorta.
  • Inside the egg are a series of fluid-filled membranes which permit the embryo to survive: the amnion, allantois, yolk sac, and chorion.
  • We also observed other phenotypes commonly associated with RP morphants [17], such as hypoplasia of the yolk sac extension, abnormalities in the ear, and delayed pigmentation of the eyes. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • In mid spring, after the larval fish has absorbed its yolk sac, it emerges as an alevin and proceeds to find suitable habitat for the summer period.
  • The yolk sac forms as the splanchnopleure surrounds the yolk.
  • I do not believe, however, that this is normal, since in the wild, young with such a large yolk sac probably would not survive without parental protection.
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