How To Use Yellow-striped In A Sentence

  • ALMATY (Reuters) - Hundreds of Uighurs rallied in Kazakhstan's largest city Almaty on Thursday to mourn those who died in violent clashes in the neighbouring Xinjiang region of Agriculture, checks a container holding tamarisk plants and yellow-striped Diorhabdas in an - Articles related to Hartnett And Fellow Asian Heartthrobs Charm Pusan
  • I was wearing gray flannels, a blue blazer, white shirt and a red-and-yellow-striped bow tie that, yes, I tie myself.
  • The Medas Islands are well-known for big shoals of yellow-striped saupe and saddled bream, but most notable among their fish are the mero, dusky perch or wreckfish, otherwise known as the grouper.
  • It was something foreign, grotesque, and picturesque in a life of the most matter-of-fact sameness; it was even as if one should see clusters of palm-trees scattered here and there among Yankee wooden meeting-houses, or open one's eyes on clumps of yellow-striped aloes growing among hardhack and huckleberry bushes in the pastures. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 03, No. 16, February, 1859
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