How To Use Yearningly In A Sentence

  • And, if you would learn a secret, even before man trod here, in the days when the dicynodont bent yearningly over her young, and the river-horse which you find now nowhere on earth's surface, save buried in stone, called with love to his mate; and the birds whose footprints are on the rocks flew in the sunshine calling joyfully to one another -- even in those days when man was not, the fore-dawn of this kingdom had broken on the earth. Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland
  • Or I'm a teenager in Rome, yearningly glued to MTV in the gloomy basement den, or sneaking cigarettes on my bedroom balcony while spying on the carabinieri larking around at shift change, their Berettas hanging from the gatehouse door. A childhood on the move
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