[ US /ˈjɔɫtə/ ]
  1. a resort city in Crimea in the southern Ukraine on the Black Sea; site of the Allied conference between Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill in February 1945
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How To Use Yalta In A Sentence

  • He hauled his vast collection to wartime summits at Yalta and Casablanca in a steamer trunk. Times, Sunday Times
  • Perhaps the most significant thing about Yalta was what was not discussed and agreed. The Collins History of the World in the 20th Century
  • Liberated from the fear that some new kind of Yalta might be secretly negotiated behind their backs, all three countries got down to the hard work of meeting NATO and EU criteria. The Baltic Model
  • Nikolai Zlobin, director of Russian and Asian programs at the U.S. Center for Defense Information, said Russia had delivered the final blow at the system of international relations agreed by the anti-Hitler coalition in Yalta, and opened the door to what the United States and other Western countries have demanded for the past few years – a revision of the fundamentals of the current world order. Medvedev and the nwo (not really)
  • At the Yalta Conference, Poland's eastern territories were reduced approximately to the “Curzon line” of 1919, while its western border, pending a final peace settlement, was extended to the Oder-Neisse line in eastern Germany. 7. Eastern Europe, 1945-2000
  • When Buckley came on the scene in the mid-1950s, the American right was dominated by kooks: right-wing isolationists, Pearl Harbor and Yalta conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites and members of the John Birch Society like the palindromical y-named Professor Politics
  • The Spirit of Yalta is haunting Eastern Europe and could bring about the "Finlandization" of Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, the Baltic states. Leon T. Hadar: With Missile Shield Change, National Interests Get a Leg Up on the Military-Industrial Complex
  • M.Donald, 56, rises around 4: 30 a.m. to exercise and often ends the day feeding a voracious reading appetite; right now, he's working on the new releases "Too Big To Fail" by Andrew Ross Sorkin and "Yalta" by S.M. Plokhy on his Kindle e-reader. Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7
  • ‡ In general, the “dramatis personae” are the participants in an event: “Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin were the dramatis personae at the Yalta Conference. Dramatis personae
  • NATO had played an important role in the international affairs under Yalta System after its establishment.
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