[ US /ˈjæk/ ]
  1. talk profusely
    she was yakking away about her grandchildren
  1. large long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated
  2. noisy talk
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How To Use yak In A Sentence

  • And the people who were subjected to hard yakka, slave labour if you want, or removal from islands because of drinking problems or fighting and they have complete hate and they've handed it down generationally.
  • Garry indicated that it might be acceptable to make peace with the Cayuses, without involving the Yakima tribe.
  • Prema Jayakumar's translation is done with a rare felicity that is pleasing to read.
  • They may also be added to ‘one-pot’ dishes such as sukiyaki, or be fried as tempura.
  • Their yaks share these high, sunny pastures with blue sheep and plump marmots.
  • The Japanese cuisine, as served in the Yamato, is authentic with the various styles covering sashimi, sushi, sukiyaki and tempura items, plus many others such as yaki soba, a favorite of the golfing guru Mike Franklin.
  • Grihojudhyokalin rashiate Lalfoujer santrase mara giechilo 7.5 million manush. nandigram ki choto angaria to er kache sishu. shet shoktike nischinho korar janyo war communism er abodan kebol Kronstad ei avyuthyan er fole nihotoder sankhya koyak hajar. petrograder pashei chilo noubahinir chauni. Kafila
  • The Russian studies use sites that are perhaps the best temp proxies dendrology can offer — cold not moisture-limited sites, and whadayaknow, the correlation w/temps are much better than average. Juckes and the Indigirka River Alter Ego « Climate Audit
  • Across the land, every night, teenagers are yakking online in chat rooms with friends and Net acquaintances.
  • Jan 24 2008 Whoops, Eyak isn't quite an Athabaskan language but rather a coordinate subbranch of the Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit family, according to the Alaska Native Language Center. Archive 2008-01-01
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