Y chromosome

  1. the sex chromosome that is carried by men
    human males normally have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome
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How To Use Y chromosome In A Sentence

  • Y chromosomes are genetically degenerate in most organisms studied.
  • The spindle assembly checkpoint pathway is necessary for high-fidelity chromosome transmission in cells in which the spindle or kinetochores are compromised in some way.
  • The investigators say they have indirect evidence that Genghis Khan carried the Y chromosome variant that caught their eye.
  • Embryos that are trisomic contain, instead of matched pairs of chromosomes, one too many of a given chromosome, most commonly chromosome 13, 18, 21 (which is responsible for Down syndrome), X, or Y. Trisomies are the result of a glitch known as nondisjunction, which occurs principally during the creation of egg cells (although sperm cells may also exhibit such errors). Delayed Childbearing
  • This paper looks at loci on the autosome, as well as the Y chromosome. ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science
  • In man, for instance, the genes that control gender are on the Y chromosome.
  • The testing used a lab procedure called PCR that detects genetic material - in this case, the male Y chromosome. FOXNews.com
  • Pierre Ray and colleagues at University Hospital in Grenoble said while deletions of some portion of the Y chromosome have been found in infertile men, their discovery is a rare example in which a mutation in a single gene causes male infertility. Gene Mutation Leads to Male Infertility | Impact Lab
  • Well, it was more about the way chromosomes get divided or doubled in two processes called mitosis and meiosis. IndyStar.com Top Stories
  • In most meioses, every chromosome pair, no matter how small, sustains at least one crossover - a so-called obligate crossover or obligate chiasma.
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