How To Use Wrongheaded In A Sentence

  • a wrongheaded policy
  • Normally this Google search returns an administration that is wrongheadedly driven to job generation by building more roads, more airports and increasing our dependency on fossil fuels. Lee Schneider: What Are You Searching For?
  • In the case of Heidegger, in particular, the paramount position of technology in modern society is a symptom of something more fundamental, namely a wrongheaded attitude towards Being which has been in the making for almost 25 centuries. Philosophy of Technology
  • Operating from this perspective, Obama has picked a high profile case which he either wins in criminal court, which validates the criminalization approach over the warfare approach, or loses, which can only happen because of things that occurred while Bush was wrongheadedly engaging in the warfare policy. The Volokh Conspiracy » Why Has Holder Decided to Try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a Civilian Court?
  • Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Floridians with financial means and political clout with the GOP power structure have bought into this increasingly popular, albeit wrongheaded, system of what I call abbreviated education on the cheap. South of the Suwannee
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  • What I’ve come to see as particularly wrongheaded is the notion that a spokesman, while on the job, speaks for himself. Waldo Jaquith - Blaming the Campaign for the Employee
  • But that all feel no matter hwo wrongheadedly that they do have a legiitimate claim is a truth that is avoided only at the cost, I think of further stalemate and probably, in the end, serious violence. Reasonable Review of Cape No. 7 from Chinese State Media
  • The problem isn't this statement, but that you, quite wrongheadedly, seem to think only you have the God given wisdom to see it. Balkinization
  • Glover describes last week's EHRC report as "wrongheaded" in its ideas of fairness. It's equality of life chances, not literal equality, that the left espouses
  • I'm afraid my piece has reinforced a widespread, and in my opinion, wrongheaded anti-intellectual strain in design.
  • Since when is punishing someone for willfully and maliciously damaging another person's property "wrongheaded"? An Alternative Approach to the Graffiti “Problem” « PubliCola
  • They proceeded on the wrongheaded premise that if you got money to the banks, it would "unblock" the flow of credit to the economy and jump-start it again. Marshall Auerback: Memorial Day Recap: War, Spending, and Employment
  • Environmental advocates welcomed the administration's reversal of what they called a wrongheaded move earlier in the year. NYT > Home Page
  • She had loved her older but not wiser sister, had held her hand through wrongheaded affairs and brutal rejections. BEAUTIFUL DREAMER
  • The troublesome word is "unedited," and though Lipsky would use it approvingly to suggest a breadth of vision, the word also suggests a lack of proportion that has been the most consistent, lingering, and wrongheaded criticism of Wallace's work throughout his career. David Foster Wallace Thought Readers Are Smart And Tolstoy Was His Role Model
  • After two decades of surefooted dealmaking, he closed out his tenure with a bizarre fandango of wrongheaded acquisitions and strategic U-turns that devastated Tyco's share price even before his first indictment.
  • She had loved her older but not wiser sister, had held her hand through wrongheaded affairs and brutal rejections. BEAUTIFUL DREAMER
  • And without liberals and liberal reformers, America would not enjoy some of the things it is proudest of, and the conservatives -- or so-called conservatives in this county, and I call them new metal conservatives, because they are just loud and brash and really in the business of propaganda -- are really creating a polarization in this country and creating a kind of coarser, less able to think critically group of people that tend to blindly support people in the Bush administration and wrongheaded policies, like the invasion and occupation of Iraq. CNN Transcript Apr 4, 2004
  • I believe as passionately as I can that this view is blinkered and wrongheaded and inane and misguided.
  • Bryan, the "human cloning" quip may be in jest, but it's typical of the wrongheaded thinking about how to "solve" liberal media bias - the value of access to cloning obviously can't be restricted to libertarians. Lovecraft, Sutter, and the Media, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • But the results have led Mr Simonsohn to rethink the earlier tests of seemingly wrongheaded consumers.
  • As I pointed out in an earlier post, after journalist Jill Carroll was released late last week Washington Post media columnist Howard Kurtz wrongheadedly questioned her first interview, which was taped by Iraqis before she was handed over to U.S. forces, and lent credence to the idea that she was too sympathetic to Arab causes, thereby making her somehow anti-American. Eric J. Weiner: Someone Send Howard Kurtz to a War Zone Immediately
  • RPI is a simplistic and wrongheaded methodology, relying heavily upon a team’s OPPONENTS’S strength of schedule and looking at a single variable (wins and losses) to determine the ranking of teams. The Volokh Conspiracy » We Got Screwed!
  • Now once again we have a President pushing the constitutional envelope, and, in Professor Yoo's words, "declar [ing] that the Constitution allows the president to sidestep laws that invade his executive authority," a President following "the founders [ '] inten [tions] that wrongheaded or obsolete legislation and judicial decisions would be checked by presidential action. Balkinization
  • It is a mark of the limitations of current popular literary criticism that the obituaries speak only of such confections, wrongheaded ancestry and extra-literary politics.
  • It is this calculated use of deception and falsehood that we should fear, more even than the wrongheaded policy.
  • My sympathies are ever and always with the parents, in the full knowledge of how wrongheaded parents can be.
  • An article explaining why certain wrongheaded conservatives are even more wrongheaded than President Bush. Serbian Nigeria; dangerous drug
  • I’ve never met anyone I’d classify as self-aware: It’s been my experience that most extroverted people think they’re introverts, and many introverted people make a similarly wrongheaded juxtaposition about being extroverts. Chuck Klosterman on Living and Society
  • Notice, once again, how the instinct of the Republic party types who want Obama to fail is to make ‘gotcha’ points that might sound clever but are actually completely wrongheaded. Matthew Yglesias » Senator Ensign Thinks States Can Cut Back Without Cutting Anything Back
  • Beneath its wrongheaded, headline goal to slash net immigration, the government has sensibly made sure that a route remains open for entrepreneurs.
  • Hitler wrongheadedly tried to cure himself, Perrottet says, by reasoning a mostly vegetarian diet would make his farts less offensive. Archive 2007-10-28
  • But he has a better excuse for holding to this wrongheaded view than do his colleagues.
  • The first movement of the symphony was fine on Friday night, but after that the wheels started coming off, and by the end of the performance the symphony was an overemphatic, wrongheaded, confusing mess. Luisotti's Brahms and Davies After Hours
  • But I do have a theory about why this film is what so many have (annoyingly and wrongheadedly) described as "little more than X-Files slash. I think maybe the darkness finds you and me.
  • One advantage the Republicans have is that everything is black and white to them, or at least they often can effectively express their thoughts clearly, if wrongheadedly. Stephen Kaus: Professor Kennedy Teaches Plain Talk 101
  • But afterward, he called the idea wrongheaded, praising the college's performance. Chronicle
  • That kind of wrongheaded libel makes me wonder if critics actually watched the film or if they just glanced at the trailer and press materials. Scott Mendelson: HuffPost Weekend Box Office in Review: Blind Side Finally Takes the Top Spot
  • Ty is right that Ted T misunderstands the music publishing/licensing structure and so comes to a wrongheaded conclusion. Matthew Yglesias » Licensing

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