writing system

  1. a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols
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How To Use writing system In A Sentence

  • The MFA writing system, with its mechanisms of circulating popularity and fashionableness, leans heavily on the easily imitable. The 15 Most Overrated Contemporary American Writers (PHOTOS)
  • As far as 'akey' is concerned, I presume a trained reader of the writing system would understand 'e' to be pronounced as in 'de' and 'y' to be pronounced as in 'payer', so they'd combine the sounds. languagehat.com: UN SIT FASIL A LIR.
  • Lao script is believed to have originated from the Khmer writing system.
  • This first writing system, cuneiform -- from the Latin word cuneus, for wedge -- was invented by the region's first powerful culture, the non-Semitic Sumerians, during the fourth millennium BC. Chicago Reader
  • A written language is the representation of a language by means of a writing system.
  • He also devised a handwriting system using both small and capital letters for easier reading. Christianity Today
  • This was the first time in antiquity that a complete writing system had been invented, rather than gradually evolved. EMPIRES OF THE PLAIN: Henry Rawlinson and the Lost Languages of Babylon
  • The writing system doesn't separate the quality of the vowel from its nasalization.
  • Further details of printed character recognition systems are not included here in order to concentrate on cursive handwriting systems.
  • Arabic uses a writing system that we haven't seen yet: an abjad, which is basically an alphabet that doesn't have any vowels-the reader must supply them. Lightly Toasted
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