How To Use Workroom In A Sentence

  • A metallic buzz sounded from the far corner of the workroom.
  • Here, at an adjacent workroom, they learn traditional crafts like weaving and stitching cross-stitch patterns of embroidery on traditional clothes and souvenir items from which they earn a few shekels to tide over through these lean months, and for the younger ones, the latest fad in hairdressing. Thursdays with my sisters
  • There were hundreds of girls down in the workrooms; one more would hardly make a difference.
  • The next day a new bolt of pale pink silk arrived at Miss Blanche's workroom. YELLOW BIRD
  • Then she turned this promise into a reality by issuing a detailed set of instructions to the women in charge of her workroom. YELLOW BIRD
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  • Mrs. Reynolds proceeded on to her own workroom where Mrs. Darcy's maid was busily mending one of her mistress ' finer winter gowns.
  • On the first floor of the storehouse was the journeymen's workroom. Rachel Cusk | Portraits
  • Behind the bookshelf in my workroom I found one I'd bought in an Asian import shop at Barkly Square and never used: a tall, narrow, unframed rectangle of glass, its back still equipped top and bottom with strips of double-sided adhesive tape. Excerpt: The Spare Room by Helen Garner
  • Directions are given by Theophilus for the workroom, the benches at which the smiths are to sit, and also the most minute technical recipes for "instruments for sculping," for scraping, filing, and so forth, until the workshop should be fitted with all necessary tools. Arts and Crafts in the Middle Ages A Description of Mediaeval Workmanship in Several of the Departments of Applied Art, Together with Some Account of Special Artisans in the Early Renaissance
  • It's my third visit to his cramped attic workroom (‘studio’ sounds too grand for the cluttered space) in a quiet backwater near London's Victoria.
  • The hotel's business centre has office services, a reference library, computer workroom, and secretarial services.
  • We begin with the most significant of these spaces, the church, and then examine the other places within the monastic precinct: the cloister walk, the chapterhouse, the infirmary, the refectory, the kitchen, the dormitory, the workrooms, and the gardens. Sensual Encounters: Monastic Women and Spirituality in Medieval Germany
  • As the execution was to take place as soon as it should legally be daybreak, that is, about half-past four o'clock, the brothers did not go to bed but sat up in the workroom, feeling somewhat drowsy, and exchanging few words. The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Lourdes, Rome and Paris
  • The centre will include a top-specification computer learning centre, gym, crèche, restaurant, conference room, library, employment centre and workrooms.
  • So I came near enough to the surface to view the dark alleys, the narrow streets, the dark, brick walls of houses huddled together, and I longed to fly from them and again behold the beautiful country; but I was compelled to linger in each city and visit hundreds of places of which I had heard but had never seen – every garret, cellar, workshop or workroom in which poor half-paid working women toiled. Man's Rights: or, How Would You Like It?
  • It happens in cellars and garages and makeshift workrooms, and it mainly involves a lot of hard work.
  • Use 4-foot fluorescent fixtures with reflective backing and electronic ballasts for your workroom, garage, and laundry areas.
  • This book covers basic sewing, setting up a workroom, pattern draping, millinery, boning, fabrics, shoes, armour, and many other subjects.
  • No place — the cloister arcade, chapterhouse, infirmary, dormitories, refectory, kitchen, workrooms, or even the gardens — escaped the notice of Dominican women and their many forms of religious expression. Sensual Encounters: Monastic Women and Spirituality in Medieval Germany
  • All of life in its visual form seems to be represented in this cavernous loft space, and there are even more workrooms and storage to the rear.
  • Would we have to reassess the history of Abstract Expressionism if we were to discover that this taxidermist was Robert Rauschenberg's lover and that the artist's found objects were not appropriated from the streets and trash heaps of New York City but were actually pilfered from the museum's workrooms during their nighttime trysts? Other Simulated Worlds
  • I broke it 5 min later. gingerchrismc Which reminds me of a great poem: roses are red, hypothermia is blue, my legs are so cold, let me wrap them around you directorscup Full 'Hypothermia' Cast, Start of Principal Photography donwood @theworkroomNYC It is poor Ben Forsester that got the short straw. #hypothermia dillonkuehner @dayshabass Will be there unless I get hypothermia on the way/in line! Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7
  • The shop has a retail area at the front and a workroom at the back, where the curtains, blinds, screens and pinboards are made.
  • Later that century it was enclosed and the arches added, with a slaughterhouse and other workrooms in the basement, butchers and other shops on the ground floor.
  • Besides , YiJia's latest workroom is responsible for promoting and expanding yoga.
  • I can stay in my workroom for 15 hours without eating or sleeping, all my spirit is focused on painting.
  • There is a glass door in this corridor which lets in light and has been designed to connect with a future bedroom built above the workroom.
  • In the building where we are right now, the booking room and the report writing room, or what we call the patrol workroom, are the same room," Mihlon explained. Atlanticville
  • On the wish list were a new kitchen, a breakfast room, a large family room with a fireplace, and a family workroom / studio.
  • The great hall was divided into three parts, with one outside aisle used as a dormitory, another for schooling and eating and the centre aisle given over to a workroom.
  • Padded dress form torsos are a common sight at pattern companies, factory workrooms and professional design studios, but they're not a trade secret - dress forms are readily available to sewing hobbyists, too.
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  • This remarkable facility includes classroom / workrooms, project rooms, advisory rooms, and a large common room.
  • There is also a substantial pantry, wine cellar, a boiler room, a room for storing solid fuel and some workrooms, all at basement level.
  • Funds raised last year were used to build a small workroom, where four sewing machines have been installed, to give dressmaking skills to local women to provide school uniforms for the orphaned children.
  • Yesterday, one of the circulation staff came in the workroom to share a nice gift he'd received from a teacher he always helps. And I confess, it made me a teensy bit jealous.
  • In the St. Katharinenthal workroom, Elsbeth Hainburgin participated in a mystical union with God. Sensual Encounters: Monastic Women and Spirituality in Medieval Germany
  • Dickens then visits a workroom, featuring coloured prints, a china shepherdess on the mantelshelf, carpets, stuffed chairs and an open fire. Bedlam
  • I took another step, this time passing the border of the hallway and the workroom.
  • The students have shown great progress and success in the workroom, in our developing tree nursery and even on the football field.
  • He was spending the rainy day with his drawing pad, working out future kitchens, workrooms and such.
  • But because I was the girl who was sent out to do the shopping for the workrooms, I knew where to get everything.
  • Use 4-foot fluorescent fixtures with reflective backing and electronic ballasts for your workroom, garage, and laundry areas.
  • The green and silver volume remained safely locked in a cupboard in his workroom. LIRAEL: DAUGHTER OF THE CLAYR
  • In the deeps of my third night in the workroom, Nettle invaded my sleep. THE GOLDEN FOOL: BOOK TWO OF THE TAWNY MAN
  • Thus the three-story administration building features a half-acre Great Workroom for clerical employees that is distinguished by an arboreal canopy created by a grid of "dendriform" columns and interspersed skylights. Wright's House of Wax
  • Cat shoved away from the table, went to her workroom, and slumped into the chair next to the answering machine. TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH
  • Most of the windows were from hallways and workrooms, though there were a few belonging to cells.
  • Today her workroom, or ‘nest’ as she refers to it, is overflowing with designs, feathers and boxes full of orders from as far afield as the US and top London hat designer Peter Bettley.

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