How To Use Workaholism In A Sentence

  • But are we encouraging workaholism again? Times, Sunday Times
  • Surveys reveal that young people are increasingly likely to reject 'greed is good' workaholism. Times, Sunday Times
  • The term 'workaholism' was coined in the 1960s to describe the condition of working too much and finding it difficult to stop ... in other words - addiction to work. VeryCD - ??????
  • His personal life has certainly paid the price for his workaholism. Times, Sunday Times
  • Once workaholism sets in, it progresses through stages similar to those in alcoholism and drug addiction.
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  • He deals with this by engaging in savage levels of workaholism. Times, Sunday Times
  • It is interesting that the literature on both workaholism and engagement focuses on white-collar jobs. Times, Sunday Times
  • I've come to realize that my workaholism is a kind of greed. Julia Moulden: Can You Unplug and Recharge When You're Trying to Save the World? Part 2
  • More recently, a number of history's most brilliant minds have been retrospectively diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome - a high functioning form of autism characterised by narrow interests and 'workaholism'. COSMOS magazine - The science of everything
  • To some extent "workaholism" is a term others use to describe people who prefer to describe themselves as having a vocation. The limbic system stands up for its rights
  • The pixel-checking is part of his workaholism. Times, Sunday Times
  • The best way to avoid giving in to workaholism is to ‘red line’ time for nurturing relationships in your appointment calendar.
  • The conductor, who will be 57 on May 2, attributes his workaholism to a twist of fate: his professional ascent at the fabled Mariinsky Theater (then called the Kirov) during troubled times. His More Focused Future
  • His workaholism, if nothing else, had returned. Times, Sunday Times
  • Bonding is vital, fathers are important and workaholism is an entirely bad idea. Times, Sunday Times
  • She's appears to be stuck on some ceaseless, money-grabbing expose-athon, underpinned by savage workaholism, to ensure maximum shock and awe. Times, Sunday Times
  • At the same time a national report to the Royal College of Psychiatrists highlighted the fact that British men were the most depressed in Europe, with many hiding their problems in drink, drugs and workaholism.

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