work up

  1. come up with
    His colleagues worked out his interesting idea
    We worked up an ad for our client
  2. form or accumulate steadily
    Resistance to the manager's plan built up quickly
    Pressure is building up at the Indian-Pakistani border
  3. develop
    we worked up an as of an appetite
  4. bolster or strengthen
    ramp up security in the airports
    build up confidence
    We worked up courage
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How To Use work up In A Sentence

  • His face wore a lopsided grin, and he crouched down near the fire and set to work upon the other shoe.
  • It took him ten years to work up to the position of general manager.
  • If you have what it takes , you can work up to the presidency of the company.
  • When a few weeks later it was reported in the papers that Wilcox had been shot at from an ambuscade, it was an open secret that McMurdo was still at work upon his unfinished job. Chennai
  • It took him ten years to work up to the position of general manager.
  • The combination of punching and quick movement will work up a sweat, help get the row off your chest and release the feel-good endorphins. The Sun
  • He pumped a squirt of antibacterial soap into his hands, and rubbed them together to work up a lather.
  • I don't seem to find it at all difficult to work up an enthusiasm for being outdoors, wrapped up all snug and cosy, rosy cheeked and huffing great breath-clouds into the frosty air.
  • Ticker tapes, blaring cable news network updates, and new advertising overlays all bespeak a bummed out bear market that never bounced back. Artifacts From the Future: Wall Street 2013 — Brother, Can You Spare a Yuan?
  • Usually, once the story begins then I kind of relax into it, but there is sort of an anticipatory work up that happens.
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