How To Use Work day In A Sentence

  • As I knew she was originally from a country with a very conservative culture, I didn't snort at her use of the word "wifely" or ask if that meant having a martini waiting for my husband at the end of the work day. Do Ask, I'll Tell: Gay Parents and Back to School Time
  • Most visitors to this blog come during work days when they are supposed to be doing work*. Archive 2007-08-01
  • The work week was six days, and each work day was a grueling 12 hours.
  • For many senior citizens, retirement means the end of the work day and adaptation to the loss of an identity and a daily social setting.
  • Yes, we all still work day jobs and at times it's difficult to juggle a full-time band a full-time job.
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  • they struck in support of their claim for a shorter work day
  • The fathers and mothers were asked to choose together a typical workday and nonwork day, usually a weekend day, and then to each fill out a time diary for those two days.
  • Donald Rumsfeld habitually wore a cilice when standing at his lectern to help him stay awake through 15 hour work days. I win!
  • Another 100 pages of Sudoku, word jumbles and connect the dots so you can fill the work day the same way Bush did on many days. Dean Obeidallah: Sneak preview of George W. Bush's new book
  • One spouse may work days while the other works nights in order to keep the home front covered.
  • The reason is that he and his boss have taken on this new project and they work day and night on it.
  • And today may be a writing-and-paperwork day rather than a writing day, as I have somehow again accrued an awful lot of paperwork. I need a verb
  • “Take Your Constituent to Work Day” is only the beginning in mentoring and connecting women entrepreneurs. Women Grow Business » 2010 » May
  • Such documents were prominently marked, and at the end of every work day, all classified materials were locked in safes.
  • But … I dislike my job (yarr for taking a boring but well paying job to save up for grad school) and lunch is the highlight of my work day! Is “Lunch Hour” the Biggest Myth of Office Life? | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan
  • I'll be back, hopefully with something to say (and enough down time during the work day to say it) on Monday.
  • In a randomized, double-blind controlled study of 297 patients at 30 sites, those treated with the Alair device had a 32% reduction in asthma attacks, an 84% reduction in emergency-room visits and a 66% reduction in school or work days lost due to asthma. New Surgery to Treat Asthma
  • They also have another reason to the use of the term relating to traffic jams during the holiday season that cops decided to call in "black friday" on that day because of the grim effect it would have on their work day. Stories / Popular
  • Our very maid-servants, who were brought up shoeless, stockingless, and bonnetless, and who work day and night for The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 04, No. 24, October, 1859
  • He continued the work day after day.
  • Man's best friend was out in force for national Bring Your Dog To Work Day, and there were plenty of pooches milling around the home's immaculate gardens yesterday.
  • The work week was six days, and each work day was a grueling 12 hours.
  • They'll work day and night to ensnare exclusive accounts, become besties with editors to ensure their clients get the best bang for their buck (placement, gratuitous editorial mentions) and sniff out new leads like single girls at a B & S ball.
  • Of course, tomorrow I take Breshnev to pulmonology so that is three work days shot to hell with long clinic waits. Working Mom Blues
  • He said some enterprises never even lock their doors after the work day finishes.
  • Our entirely fictitious character begins his work day, as many of us do, by opening his email client and checking for new messages.
  • Under Stephen Anthony Head, the buoyantly self-obsessed and sex-obsessed boss—a delectably offensive character—work days are filled with raunchy fun, undergraduate sex prattle, and small humiliations. Bunnies and Lovelorn Males
  • After their second child was born in 1987, she would work days as a medical clerk for the Army and come home at night to two babies in diapers - and often no husband.
  • In recent months, she has finished a regular work day — it starts with preparation in the late morning and ends with a nonstop five-hour dinner shift — and then, four days out of five, she's gone back into the kitchen for an additional 10 hours to practice each stage of the two multistep platters she will have to cook on the day. Continental Cuisine
  • I didn't think about it over the weekend (once my work day finishes, so does my thoughts and worries about work), but it's been on my mind today.
  • A serious trader is ahead of the game because he does his homework day in andout.
  • The children of Ofsted staff joined their parents at the inspectorate's Holborn offices as part of Take Your Child to Work Day.

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