How To Use Word stress In A Sentence

  • The thesis analyzes word stress, sentence stress and rhythm to obtain revelation to English read-aloud.
  • West African speakers tend to have antepenultimate word stress.
  • A significant literature exists, particularly in the last fifty or so years, ever since the word stress was appropriated from metallurgy as a medical term, supporting the notion that negative thoughts and emotions are toxic to your health. After the Diagnosis
  • Prior to 1914 the word stress was an engineering term, as in the force placed on a structure that causes it to break down in some way. The Chemistry of Calm
  • The same word in Korean might mean two different things, depending on the context and word stress.
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  • I see some value in focusing on word stress as I find most pronunciation problems my students stem from there. P is for Pronunciation « An A-Z of ELT
  • The word stress derives from the Latin word stringer, meaning to draw tight.
  • It would be tempting to blame early signs of stress on the Romans of antiquity, or to trace the word stress back to its Latin origins and leave it at that. The English Is Coming!
  • Tokyo workers and students try to remain productive in spite of prevalent sutoresu, which, if you say it fast enough, will capture how the word stress comes out in Japanese.viii Residents of Bogotá, Colombia, complain of estrés resulting from ongoing security problems throughout their nation. The English Is Coming!
  • In such cases, the normal pattern of word stress is overridden.
  • Is there any regularity in English word stress?
  • Word stress is used primarily for emphasis and suffixes are stressed, as in readiness.
  • Is there any regularity in English word stress?
  • I have no idea why they felt the need to use the word stress in regards to a pregnancy-related test. You’ll Lose the Baby Weight
  • _Cantar de mío Cid_, I, 65 f.] _ (b) _ A word stressed on the penult may assonate with one page lx stressed on the antepenult. Modern Spanish Lyrics

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