How To Use Woodcreeper In A Sentence

  • Woodcreepers will not cross large, unforested gaps; this may become a problem for their survival as their habitat becomes increasingly fragmented.
  • The songs of woodcreepers are simple and unmusical.
  • It lived up to its reputation with violaceous trogon, cinnamon and other woodpeckers, woodcreepers, antwrens, antbirds, antshrikes, purple-throated fruit-crows, wrens and flycatchers.
  • The Olivaceous Woodcreeper is distributed from Mexico through Central America and into most of tropical and sub-tropical South America.
  • Woodcreepers sunbathe and have been seen anting, a behavior that is thought to help prevent or remove ectoparasites.
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  • Woodcreepers live primarily in lowland tropical forests and are mainly insectivores.
  • Suboscines, which include flycatchers, ant-birds, woodcreepers, and ovenbirds, are now diverse in the New World, with about 1,100 species, nearly all of them in South America.

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