How To Use Woodbine In A Sentence

  • Regarding the purchasing power of a shilling it is a remarkable fact that in 1939 a sixpence would purchase a glass of beer, a packet of Woodbines and a box of matches and leave a halfpenny change.
  • Paterson had a penchant for Woodbines and putting gnarly blood red nails into food mixes with scant regard for hygiene.
  • Damask roses—scarlet and white, yellow and cream—had been brought in from the garden and made into long garlands twined with wild woodbine. The Dressmaker
  • I had been long by the waterside at this lower end of the valley, plaiting a little crown of woodbine crocketed with sprigs of heath — to please my grandfather, who likes to see me gay at supper-time. Lorna Doone
  • Curl inward here, sweet woodbine flow'r; — 'Companion of the lonely hour, Critical Review, 35 (May 1802), 67–75
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  • IV. i.45 (77,2) [So doth the woodbine, the sweet honey-suckle, Gently entwist] Mr. Upton reads, Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies
  • When the cherries are gone, they visit the sassafras and pepperidge trees, and the woodbine tangles. Friends and Helpers
  • 9. Soul of Nataka steadied on the backside; sixth April 24; sixth here after three money trips at Woodbine; best needed. NYDN Rss
  • The roses and woodbine planted around the door by her mother had formed a riotous, twining mat. The Dressmaker
  • She retreated by a gate which, leading to the road, was overhung by some wild rocky scenery, in which appeared a sort of artificial aperture, but it was rendered almost inaccessible from the unrestrained woodbine which covered it, and appeared formerly to have been a sort of arbour. The Curate and His Daughter, a Cornish Tale
  • The lilacs and the woodbines, just crowding forth in little tufts, close kernelling their blossom, were ruffled back, like a sleeve turned up, and nicked with brown at the corners. Lorna Doone
  • While the Woodbine Entertainment Group remains committed to providing horseplayers the opportunity to wager directly into United States pools, officials say the prospective change will likely not take place until deep into 2005.
  • For the first time in at least four seasons, total handle declined at Woodbine during its Thoroughbred meet.
  • Woodbine, with big, sweeping turns and a long straight, is the perfect track for European horses.
  • In the evening a walk was proposed; the path they took led to a rustic arbour, enclosed by bold rocky scenery, whose entrance was almost impeded by the profusion of woodbine which carelessly wantoned around it. The Curate and His Daughter, a Cornish Tale
  • Kiss a Native won the Victoria Park Stakes and an allowance at Woodbine Race Course in his last two starts.
  • ` ` We shall hardly, '' said he one morning to Waverley, when they had been viewing the Castle, --- ` ` we shall hardly gain the obsidional crown, which you wot well was made of the roots or grain which takes root within the place besieged, or it may be of the herb woodbine, paretaria, or pellitory; we shall not, I say, gain it by this same blockade or leaguer of Edinburgh The Waverley
  • Much that is called “woods” was about half as high as this, — only patches of shrub-oak, bayberry, beach-plum, and wild roses, overrun with woodbine. 2007 August : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation - Part 2
  • They made a great contrast as they sat together in the woody shade, where the woodbine-scented breeze was fanning softly, and the quivering light fell scatteringly. Left at Home or, The Heart's Resting Place
  • If I were him I'd be keeping my head down woodbine Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?
  • Were these MP's about during the time of rationing they would be selling ladys nylons out of a suitcase of a street corner, woodbine in the corner of the mouth and keeping an eye out for Dixon of the yard. Archive 2008-02-01
  • Wando had not won a stakes race since clinching the Triple Crown in the Breeders' Stakes at Woodbine last August.
  • The chastened man set off into York, where his tanner bought him cow's liver, half a pound of onions, two penny ‘ducks’ and a packet of Woodbines, providing enough food for two days' dinner.
  • So doth the woodbine the sweet honeysuckle Gently entwist," said Titania; and the blast poured the rain in a spout against the window. The Seaboard Parish Volume 3
  • Tristan threw up his arms. "Look! The bloody thing's going straight for that hut. " He drew harder on his Woodbine.
  • He remembers her as a non-stereotypical 1950s housewife, riding her white bicycle down the middle of the high street while smoking a Woodbine and wearing rubber, high-heeled glitter-flecked galoshes.

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