How To Use Woman's body In A Sentence

  • He took the unconscious woman's body and set her down in a chair in one of the bedrooms.
  • They used hydraulic lifting gear to free the car which was wedged under the driver's cabin of the bus and it was two hours before the woman's body could be freed from the wreckage.
  • Before going after a woman's body or her looks as a way to retaliate against her for being smart and opinionated is just no longer acceptable. Mona Gable: In Defense of Meghan McCain
  • The wrong woman's body was cremated after an identification mix-up by a funeral parlour.
  • The cells of the fertilised eggs multiply, growing into embryos in an incubator adjusted to the temperature and carbon dioxide levels of the woman's body.
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  • I do not wish to drag you back to our erotic temple art - there are after all any number of perverse moneybags funding such orgiastically sacred architecture - but look closer home at the popular calendar art since the time of Raja Ravi Verma and his seductive see-through portrayals of woman's body that attained pan-Indian acceptability. Kafila
  • The humor in ‘G,’ for instance, comes from the gap between a lithe and elegant woman's body and her evocation of a bull, perhaps also a toreador, in response to verses about cowboys lassoing cattle in Argentina.
  • What seemed like a shower of bullets ripped into the woman's body, sending spurts of crimson blood gushing out at every direct hit.
  • A naked woman's body lay in the middle of the floor.
  • The clothes a snug fit and highlight the woman's body underneath.
  • Furthermore this bit is Lindsay, not Farmer - but I'm sure that she would agree with it, the idea of fertility as a medicable condition, requiring powerful drugs or even surgical interventions to prevent a woman's body from doing exactly what it does naturally, is basicaly and ultimately the idea that femaleness itself is such a condition, a sort of XX Syndrome. Abortion Figures Shame This Country
  • The contraceptive implant slowly releases a hormone into a woman's body that inhibits ovulation.
  • I don't respect a pedophile's choice to molest kids. I don't respect a rapist's desire to violate a woman's body.
  • Drawing back to strike him with a kind of roundhouse wallop, the old woman's body went akimbo in a manner that mimicked the way Matisse had liked to paint her. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates
  • Three weeks later workers stumbled over a young woman's body in an abandoned football field on the other side of town.
  • In the sense of attire, purdah can denote the practice of completely covering a woman's body by wearing a loose, body-covering robe called the burqa.
  • Her woman's body lay along his neck, and she glanced up as I, with wings aspread, and every nerve in a state of tension, swept over her. Tono Bungay
  • A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body.
  • No postmortem was ordered, and the dead woman's body was returned for burial before toxicology tests had been completed.
  • While toxicology hasn't been completed, the condition of the woman's body and surrounding drug paraphernalia make it likely she was killed by a heroin overdose.
  • She was a woman, a beautiful, nut-brown woman, with a sturdy, health-rounded woman's body and with wonderful deep-blue woman's eyes. The Night-Born
  • A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body.
  • A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body.
  • When I went from a girl's body to a woman's body with natural fat in places, I freaked out.
  • Jade and Pearl shapes natural sea sponges to fit a woman's body, absorbing flow and likewise averting the dilemma of throwaways, synthetic fibers and bleaching.
  • The woman's body was recovered from the water near the ferry linkspan after police had received a report at 2.30 am that she had fallen into the sea.
  • We've heard that all the hormones coursing through a pregnant woman's body make her ubersexual; as far as we're concerned, that makes her extra-delightful to watch in action. Fleshbot
  • Richard Polwhele's "Unsexed Females," where he asks us to picture an "unsex'd" woman's body: "Scarce by a gossamery film carest,/Sport [s], in full view, the meretricious breast;" he then guides us to undress the woman farther, to "Loose the chaste cincture, where the graces shone,/And languish'd all the Loves, the ambrosial zone. 'Pleasure is now, and ought to be, your business': Stealing Sexuality in Jane Austen's _Juvenilia_
  • He likes the fleshy folds in a voluptuous woman's body.
  • Since the story centers on a disabled woman's body, revulsion is a culturally supported reaction.
  • I am a man trapped in a woman's body, with thin feminie fingers, 5'6, and have to shave every day only in last few years, though my ovaries were removed due to cancer over 13 years lover of 30 years is a woman---what the eff AM I? Usain Bolt revealed as female: the obsession with intersex, Caster Semenya and binary
  • A woman's body is deemed to be valuable only as long as it satisfies men or pleases others in the society.
  • A woman's body has been found in a car park outside a Springvale tabaret venue in Melbourne's south-east. Latest News - Yahoo!7 News
  • The male narrators offer the woman's body as the place where they are momentarily free from the pressures of dissembling a myth of themselves.
  • Offer quality leather that is highly contoured or very soft to conform to a woman's body.
  • COPS yesterday descended on a farm field with mechanical diggers in the grim hunt for a woman's body. The Sun
  • So much emphasis is put on the fact that an unborn baby is inside a woman's body.
  • Women of the brothel were said to wear transparent cloth, and vase-painters paid great attention to how much of a woman's body was visible beneath her draperies, an indication of her sexual availability and/or the quality of the material.
  • A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body.
  • I personally cannot imagine a group of lawmakers 200 years ago sitting around discussing what bits of a woman's body her husband may or may not touch; † but in short, the fact that sexual pleasure can be received from a nonreproductive sex act gripes some peoples 'souls. June 1st, 2005
  • The new drug, based on the hormone kisspeptin, stimulates ovulation in a way that more closely mimics the natural process in a woman's body. Times, Sunday Times
  • Aromatase inhibitors reduce estrogen levels in a woman's body by preventing an enzyme called aromatase from converting other hormones to estrogen.
  • And male sexual response is necessarily symbolic and" objectified ", because all human thought is symbolic, and a woman's body is an object, not a holy vessel or a very complex puzzle, at least at a basic level. Snipr/SnipURL - Most interesting snipped URLs

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