How To Use Wollemi pine In A Sentence

  • On Sept. 10, 1994, a New South Wales naturalist named David Noble abseiled into one of the more than 500 canyons in Wollemi National Park -- some 60 miles east of the megalopolis of Sydney -- and discovered a stand of prehistoric coniferous Wollemi pines, representing the 110-million-year-old supercontinent of Gondwanaland. Dr. Reese Halter: Climate Change and Australia's Living Pinosaur
  • the Wollemi pine found in Australia is a surviving specimen of a conifer thought to have been long extinct and therefore known as a living fossil
  • The site holds several Gondwanan relict species as well, surviving in restricted microsites, such as the Wollemi pine Wollemia nobilis only discovered in 1994 in an almost inaccessible gorge, the shrub Acrophyllum australe and the podocarp Microstrobus fitzgeraldii, restricted to wet rocks near waterfalls and only recorded in the Jamieson Valley. Greater Blue Mountains Area, Australia
  • Miraculously, a small grove of Wollemi pines hung on in the deep and humid chasms of the mountains west of Sydney.
  • While we don't find fossils of the Wollemi pine tree and humans together, we do know they live together - because both are alive today.

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