How To Use Wolfishly In A Sentence

  • The man grinned wolfishly and whispered, ‘You, me, an empty room, and five minutes.’
  • And so there Miss Johnson sat, rigid with disbelief as two of her least subservient students gazed into her watery eyes and grinned wolfishly beneath little lambskin cloaks.
  • He grinned wolfishly at her, ‘Why were you so afraid to tell me you're a virgin?’
  • I already knew that, or thought I did until he added wolfishly: ‘You see, I quite often pray for people to die.’
  • Jahson clapped his hands with glee and danced a merry jig while Pablo grinned wolfishly.
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  • Looking down at me, Tristan grinned slightly wolfishly as he said, ‘Well, it won't do to have you feeling lonely, now will it.’
  • ‘I don't know about you two, but I'm starving,’ he said, and grinned wolfishly, which caused us both to laugh.
  • I turned back to find the two Hell's Angels looking at me wolfishly. A NASTY DOSE OF DEATH
  • ‘Not if I bite you first,’ he whispered, grinning wolfishly.

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