[ UK /wˈɪðəɹɪŋ/ ]
[ US /ˈwɪðɝɪŋ/ ]
  1. making light of
    a devastating portrait of human folly
    afire with annihilating invective
    to compliments inflated I've a withering reply
  2. wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction
    possessing annihilative power
    the guns opened a withering fire
    a devastating hurricane
  1. any weakening or degeneration (especially through lack of use)
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How To Use withering In A Sentence

  • She sat down in her chair looking furious and just gave me a sneer and a withering look.
  • ‘We take credit cards,’ chirped the tall curly brunette - the weaker of the two - who was quickly silenced by a withering glance.
  • By three, we're swithering about moving to the catchment area of the best state primary.
  • The film plays like a classical symphony on the withering of age and the resilience of a couple's love under growing strain. Times, Sunday Times
  • Gail agreed with the remainder of the fashion faux pas top ten, saving her most withering comments for shell suits and puffballs.
  • Digitalis from the foxglove plants used by an old woman in Shropshire, England was analyzed and promoted for heart disease by Dr. William Withering in 1785 and was still widely used in herbal form until the 1950's.
  • Erin, the mousiest of the bridesmaids, elbowed Gladys when she noticed, only to find herself subtly rebuked with a withering glare from Cheryl, whose short brown hair and severe temperament remained unchanged for the happy occasion. Crossed
  • Witnesses who cooperate with tabloids in return for money often find themselves subjected to withering criticism if they are called into court.
  • Close by the stir of the great city, with all its fret and chafe and storm of life, in the desolate garden of that sombre house, and under the withering eyes of relentless Crime, revived the Arcady of old, -- the scene vocal to the reeds of idyllist and shepherd; and in the midst of the iron Tragedy, harmlessly and unconsciously arose the strain of the Pastoral Music. Lucretia — Complete
  • By the 1590s the old church was withering away as former office-holders died, while the presbyteries were taking a more consistent place in church administration.
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