How To Use Wire service In A Sentence

  • Wire services, including the Associated Press, Reuters and Xinhua News Agency, dispatched bulletins from Tokyo.
  • Wire services reported that two policemen were gunned down in north Baghdad.
  • The major sources of syndicated material are wire services or news factories such as AAP and Reuters.
  • Most US newspapers print their stories from the two major wire services, Reuters and Associated Press.
  • The government does not own or substantially regulate newspapers, radio or television stations, or news wire services.
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  • The wire services are now reporting the fire, and the writers and editors are reading the copy.
  • I have a fondness for the stories of the newsrooms of the past, filled with smoke, redolent with the smell of dirty paste pots, the sound of the bulletin bell on the wire service machines.
  • Are these stories generated locally or do they come from other sources such as syndicates, wire services or other newspapers?
  • A few hours later, the Associated Press and other wire services reported that a WHO press spokesman in Geneva "made a surprise appearance" at a press briefing for the purpose of 'dampening' fears ignited by Nabarro's interview. Bird Flu Review
  • Even wire service reporters cannot beat them because the former must file copy to a news desk before it is published.
  • WASHINGTON, DC (The Sportsman's Daily Wire Service) - Controversy clouded the victory of thirteen-year-old Kavya Shivashankar of Olathe, Kansas, who won the 82nd annual Scripps National Spelling Bee when she spelled "Laodicean," meaning lukewarm or indifferent, especially in matters of religion. The Sportsman's Daily: Trash Talking Contestants Roil 82nd Annual Spelling Bee
  • The FDA said the new guidelines, posted online Monday, are designed to discourage "ghostwriting" of medical reviews and recommended that companies disclose financial relationships with article authors, the wire service said. Medlogs - Recent stories
  • The wire services demanded language stripped of the local, the regional, and the colloquial....
  • Were reporters supposed to have described the complex role of religion in each and every 700-word wire service report about the status of the new Iraqi constitution?
  • Working for the wire services can also create the chance for considerable mobility among news organizations.
  • In any case, the wire service commits a logical fallacy known as the argumentum ad ignoratiam, or the appeal to ignorance. Tea and Mockery
  • News organisations now rely on a shrinking number of sources in Iraq, including the news syndicates and wire services that have local bureaux operating there all the time.
  • (Later identified by wire services as Rives Miller Grogan of Los Angeles, the man was arrested and charged under a law that makes it a crime to "harangue" inside the Supreme Court.) Drama in the Court
  • So, if the current AP story is correct, it confirms that ABC and the Post misreported the story - in the Post's case, in an article that was picked up by dozens of other newspapers off the paper's wire service.
  • SACRAMENTO, CA (The Sportsman's Daily Wire Service) -- Ralph Addison's dream of competing in the 12th annual One-Legged Ass-Kicking Contest, held every year at the McLatchy Fairgrounds in Sacramento, California, was dashed this past weekend, when it was learned he possessed not one, but two legs, a clear violation of the event's long-established bylaws. The Sportsman's Daily: Two-Legged Modesto Man Disqualified from One-Legged Ass-Kicking Contest
  • So the morning of the 17th, I discover that an article about the just-effectuated bill from the Canadian Press wire service begins and ends with the case of Will Wilkinson. Go North, Young Man!
  • The report, monitored by the wire service, could not immediately be confirmed.
  • An AP deskman, asked about the meaning of touts atop the wire service article about welfare-to-work, quickly replied, “It means ‘speaks in favor of.’” The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time
  • New York had nine daily newspapers then, plus papers in Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey, and three wire services.
  • I spoke to the Spanish wire service and that led to an interview with a Mexican radio station, which was quite interesting.
  • The British press and wire services carried a far different and more complex story.
  • I remember the sound of wires humming and teletypes hammering away with wire services.
  • The British press and wire services carried a far different and more complex story.

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