How To Use Winsomeness In A Sentence

  • Her never-ending winsomeness seems to ignore the world around her, and the film never calls her bluff.
  • Instead, it piles on the daffiness and winsomeness to such an extent that you keep thinking this trio must have trained at the Bridget Jones school of clowning.
  • Yet there is almost a winsomeness in that testiness.
  • It did not disturb her faith in the winsomeness she took for granted being irresistible. O: A Presidential Novel
  • Ordinarily there was a suspicion of hardness in her face but there was also upon occasions a kind of winsomeness, an unexpected peeping out of a personality which was like the wraith of the child which she once had been -- a suggestion of girlish charm and spontaneity utterly unlike her usual self. The Lady Doc
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  • Sam — sometimes I think it has a really pernicious undercurrent: not that winsomeness is the only behavior the authors can conceive of, but that it’s the only positive one. The problem of the Childlike Empress at SF Novelists
  • A major departure for a director known for very proper British fare—including "Pride and Prejudice" and "Atonement"—"Hanna" is quite the improper little package, stylish, rich in singular images and one that carries itself with both the bravado of a spy thriller and the winsomeness of a fairy tale. 'Arthur': He Drinks, Movie Falls Down
  • Cute disguises its pessimism and political inertia as winsomeness.
  • Marie - indeed, winsomeness being the only positive trait they can think of is the point I was trying to make - they want an “admirable female” character for the lead to fall for, so they need to give her “admirable qualities”, and the only one they can think of is cute/winsome/adorable pouting/etc. The problem of the Childlike Empress at SF Novelists

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