[ UK /wˈɪŋləs/ ]
  1. lacking wings
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How To Use wingless In A Sentence

  • A small, wingless insect (Thermobia domestica) related to the silverfish and inhabiting warm areas of buildings, as around furnaces or boilers.
  • For small mobile animals (e.g., wingless soil invertebrates such as Collembola and mites), habitat selection on a very small spatial scale (microhabitat selection) enables individuals to find spatial refuges with temperature and moisture regimes adequate for survival [80]. General characteristics of arctic species and their adaptations in the context of changes in climate and ultraviolet-B radiation levels
  • Lice are wingless and they cannot jump, unlike fleas, but instead they spread through physical contact.
  • It should be noted that the life history of this genus is somewhat extreme; females are wingless and remain on their cocoons during their short adult lives and all eggs are typically deposited on the cocoon.
  • The dorsal-ventral boundaries of the vertebrate limb bud and the insect wing disc are established by a gene called fringe; other axes and boundaries are defined by genes in the wingless, apterous, hedgehog, and decapentaplegic families, and they operate in roughly similar ways in both groups of animals. PZ Myers - The Deepest Links (on Evolution)
  • Self-confidence is a definite advantage in most areas, but wingless flight is not one of them. Times, Sunday Times
  • The common house-dwelling booklouse is wingless or its wings are reduced to small scale-like, non-functional wings.
  • She was glad not to be able to see much of the place, foul with seeping water and fungus, a chamber of old horrors where prisoners hunched under the vaults of cold stone like monstrous white insects, wingless and half-blind.
  • It was nearly identical to Pegasus, save that it was wingless and had a short argent horn pointing up from its forehead.
  • Wingless Aphids: Body light green, spindle shaped; all of legs dusky; cornicles light green, reduced and cone shaped; antennae very short and dark at tips; projection above cauda.
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