[ US /ˈwɪŋd/ ]
  1. very fast; as if with wings
    on winged feet
  2. having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind
    the winged feet of Mercury
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How To Use winged In A Sentence

  • Virgo has been depicted as a winged maiden holding a palm branch in her left hand and an ear of corn in her right.
  • It proved the operational concept of a winged, reusable spaceship by successfully completing the Orbital Flight Test Program.
  • The birds include ten species of herons including grey heron Ardea cinerea, goliath heron A. goliath and yellow-billed egret Egretta intermedia, hammerkop Scopus umbretta, four of the six West African species of stork, ducks, five of the six West African species of vulture, hawks, plovers and francolins and black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus. Comoé National Park, Côte d'Ivoire
  • Chickadees, crossbills, goldfinches, nuthatches, siskins, and woodpeckers pick the winged seeds out of pine and spruce cones.
  • At Ngarkat and Karte conservation parks, you can see everything from ring-necked parrots, honeyeaters and white-winged choughs, to Australian bustards, yellow-tailed black cockatoos and sometimes even a rare Mallee emu-wren or the Mallee ningaui.
  • Dark brows winged out in perfect arches above her deep set eyes. JUST BETWEEN US
  • I’ll tell you what, you thin man in a censer, I will have you as soundly swinged for this, — you blue-bottle rogue, you filthy famished correctioner, if you be not swinged, I’ll forswear half-kirtles. The second part of King Henry the Fourth
  • The show includes Bouguereau paintings of a water girl; a bather; two gypsies; and a nude winged Cupid, and is fleshed out with paintings and sculptures by his contemporaries, including a striking tondo by Jean-Léon Gérôme. The Shape of Things
  • North American deciduous tree (Ulmus americana) having double serrate leaves and winged fruits. It is grown chiefly as an ornamental shade tree but often dies from Dutch elm disease.
  • White winged doves coo, and a whiptail lizard scurries across the gravel.
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