How To Use Wineskin In A Sentence

  • He looked once more at his intended victim, whose fat lips were now round a wineskin. A SHRINE OF MURDERS
  • The statue represented a nude male figure wearing traveling boots and carrying a wineskin on his left shoulder, his right shoulder and hand raised above his head.
  • In the camp, beside the glowing remains of three watchfires, paired sentries sat on heaps of skins, talking in low tones and passing wineskins from hand to hand.
  • Beside the armor, half hidden in the shadows, lie a wineskin, a lyre, books, and a mask.
  • They are the ancient Greeks, arguably the most alcohol-savvy society to ever drain a wineskin.
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  • For traveling with wine in checked baggage we found a product called Wineskin. Astor Wines says no to Styro, yes to plastic sleeves | Dr Vino's wine blog
  • Takmet sighed, passing the wineskin to the girls first.
  • Dinael rolled out the bedroll off to the side, gesturing for Amerial to take a seat, as he dug through his packs once more to pull out some food and a wineskin filled with water.
  • He took a swig of wine, set the wineskin aside and made to slide down under the cloak to sleep, but Kieran caught his arm.
  • For only those names which end in o and n, have the designation proper to a chattel, e.g. xulon (’log’), schoinion (’rope’); those which do not end so have that of a masculine or feminine object, though some of them we apply to chattels: e.g. askos (’wineskin’) is a masculine noun, and kline (’bed’) a feminine. On Sophistical Refutations
  • Jesus' brilliant illustration of using new, unshrunk cloth to patch an old cloak and pouring new, fermenting wine in old wineskins illustrates the point well.
  • By speaking of the new wine and new wineskins, Jesus was pointing to the newness of the divine life that he had come to give his people.
  • She unclasped a wineskin from her shoulder and drank a deep draught.
  • What is their new vision of the ecumenical future, and can it be accommodated within the old wineskins of denominationalism?
  • A brown pouch hung from her belt, along with an empty wineskin.
  • Coiling his right arm around some rigging, he carefully pulls a wineskin from his belt and opens the stopper with his teeth.
  • In his parable of the new wine and new wineskins, Jesus told the people, ‘I am the new wine for which you are all thirsting.’
  • Sekher stared at the wineskin but made no move to take it.
  • Her belly was taut as an oxhide wineskin and made gurgling sounds, and her thighs were soft and puffy. Wildfire
  • But the servant returned with a wineskin, and at a signal poured a liquor from it into the horn vessels.
  • The new wine of quantum theory was soon bursting the old wineskins of classical mechanics.
  • My head feels the size of a wineskin and I swear the fur still clings to my tongue. THE WOLF AND THE DOVE
  • He brings back a huge wineskin and a huge meat pie.
  • She grabbed the wineskin and filled his goblet up completely.
  • Stephen Cimbala may appear to be putting new wine in old wineskins, but the old skins still work fine.
  • Damerek shrugged and took the wineskin from Scorch.
  • Wine that is to be sent to the palace should be put into proper wooden barrels instead of leather wineskins.
  • They drank of the wineskins and staggered down the main street of the town weaving toward the disciplined line of approaching soldiers.
  • Eight days. And there they were, begging to be fleeced, and there I was with an ankle like a full wineskin and my merchandise days away. A ROOMFUL OF BIRDS - SCOTTISH SHORT STORIES 1990
  • When Jesus said that new wine (the Holy Spirit) cannot be put into old wineskins, He was not referring just to the Jewish religion, or the Law.
  • German scholars have adopted the doctrine that Marsyas belonged to that mythological group which they designate as "Schlauch-silen" or, as we would say in English, "Wineskin-bearing Silenuses. Satyricon
  • But because of his serious dedication to knight errantry, DQ is able to spin all of the outrageous things that happen so that windmills and wineskins are giants and the inn is an enchanted castle. Great Comedic Partners « So Many Books

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