How To Use Whited sepulchre In A Sentence

  • But who is it that you call the whited sepulchre, Katie?" demanded the judge. Self-Raised
  • Unlike Angelica's self-contradictory and ultimately self-revelatory epistles, which are "keys" only to a whited sepulchre, the Biblical epistles reveal that the Bible provides its own authoritative guide to interpretation. Religion
  • Duke’s group, the Eu - ropean-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO, get it?) - a kind of whited sepulchre containing the shade of the Ku Klux Klan that Duke once helped to lead - has been agitating over a situation in Charlottesville. First CHS/UVa Attacker Charged and Sentenced at
  • You are the whited sepulchres of our society, for you have abnegated your responsibility to the public every bit as much as have the police. With No One as Witness
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