How To Use White vitriol In A Sentence

  • Accordingly, the expedition's medical kit contains substances to induce vomiting (ipecac, white vitriol, tartar emetic) and to loosen the bowels (jalap, rhubarb, cream of tartar, Glauber's salts, calomel, magnesia, assafoetida).
  • Ipecacuanha is the most certain in its effect from five grains to thirty; white vitriol is the most expeditious in its effect, from twenty grains to thirty dissolved in warm water; but emetic tartar, antimonium tartarizatum, from one grain to four to sane people, and from thence to twenty to insane patients, will answer most of the useful purposes of emetics; but nothing equals the digitalis purpurea for the purpose of absorbing water from the cellular membrane in the anasarca pulmonum, or hydrops pectoris. Zoonomia, Vol. II Or, the Laws of Organic Life
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