How To Use White trash In A Sentence

  • Swank convinces us of a peculiar combination in Maggie, a white trash starveling who's come to L.A. and trained herself onto the women's undercards of men's bouts: she feels she has nothing to lose and yet isn't at all downhearted.
  • On her way to winning Celebrity Apprentice last year, she berated professional gambler Annie Duke, screaming "You're a pokah playah — that's beyond white trash! Can We Talk?
  • So, they are clearly “elitists” to the cro-magnon base who think that white trash like Palin and Joe the Plumber are the future of the GOP. live Says: Matthew Yglesias » Ruffini: Kristol, Brooks, and Will Not Conservative Enough
  • The poet T.S. Eliot also considered “white trash” to be a white person who fornicated with a non-white. Matthew Yglesias » Detroit Wants $14 Billion More
  • By those days, they were comprised mostly of the lower class and emotionally disturbed, white trash in Southern vernacular, and led by middling merchants or farmers that were a little smarter than the rest. Chris Matthews Unhinged - Curt_Levey’s blog - RedState
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  • Clad in polychromatic day-glo garb and fronted by MCs Terminator Bones and Poor White Trash, these unclassifiable Cambridge, England mish-mashers are a sight to behold.
  • What came out of their mouths were words to the effect that ‘white trash’ referred to those white individuals who were stupid, unsophisticated, ignorant, poor, and perhaps unworldly.
  • I'm tired of being white trash, broke and always poor.
  • He basically called me white trash.
  • White trash rednecks from backward places such as Texas are an even easier target over there.
  • I was kicked out of class everyday, called honkey, white trash, piece of s..t, dirty little white girl. Tolerating racism - on Oprah.
  • Oh yea, call me crazy …. but jerry springer had alot of fans, and still does … does that make him a success, with his white trash diversions? mAnn coulter is white trash with a college degree, willing to sell HALF HER COUNTRYMEN down the river for $$$$$$. Think Progress » Coulter plagiarism charges are being investigated
  • Because I'm not a Vanderbilt, suddenly I'm white trash?
  • I see a lot of that in underemployed poorly educated white trash …. Think Progress » Pentagon Shooter Was Right-Wing, Anti-Government Terrorist
  • We sought to distance ourselves from that, being white trash ourselves.
  • Once humans discovered it (in 1999), they rebuilt it with surplus metal, repainted it in primary colors and accidentally took it for a two-year joyride, proving that mankind is in fact the white trash of the galaxy. Forgotten Geek: Six giant starships you forgot about
  • It's hard to keep track of the white trash cliches.
  • Now wherever, can see huge piles of disposable plastic tableware waste, known as " white trash.
  • April 15th, 2010 2: 59 pm ET to djb: 'white trash hillbilly' is actually a racial slur. Tea Party Express unveils 'heroes,' 'targets'
  • M: I was shooting a scene for Extreme Associates called 'White Trash Pieces of Shit' and the set up was Paris Gables and I were having a title rubber chicken fighting match. LUKE IS BACK
  • Give it a rest, you're not perfect either. let the little white trash bimbo and her bohunk goober disappear into the trailer park. Just Shut Up
  • Australia, brags Mr Costello, has become not the poor white trash but " the strongman of Asia " .
  • The band goofs about in a Blink 182 fashion, on tracks such as White Trash, Walkie Talkie Man and Fat and Proud, but also provides solidity and substance in tracks like Be Good To Me and Road Trip.
  • Now wherever, can see huge piles of disposable plastic tableware waste, known as " white trash.
  • White trash’ are characterized as indolent, lazy, promiscuous, ignorant and incapable of bettering themselves.
  • I no longer consider people on welfare white trash.
  • Permanent white trash can do great damage to the environment.
  • After all, poor white trash is only useful as cannon fodder in gratuitous wars. Think Progress » Kristol Supports Arizona Immigration Law: ‘I Don’t Think It Violates Anyone’s Civil Rights’
  • I bunch of white trash in tacky chinese made flag shirts is hardly a revolt and don’t even start that stupid gun crap unless you want me to remove the firearm from you pudgie mitt and jam it up your ass … Think Progress » Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera criticizes Bret Baier’s Obama interview.
  • He must think I'm such a slut, that I'm easy white trash.
  • His pappy was a white man, and no poor white trash neither. Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves South Carolina Narratives, Part 4
  • But the Negroes call the poor white trash, po-buckra. Oral History Interview with Modjeska Simkins, May 11, 1990. Interview A-0356. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)
  • Whats even scarier is that brainless sarah would not have been the one making any decisions, it would have been that white trash anti american husband of hers pulling the strings. Palin's PAC steps up contributions to GOP candidates
  • Wearing herself out waiting on the poor white trash.
  • I just usually hav ... "minTphresh said:" sorry for the double post. antinous, if you get a chance .... anthony said: "GNU, I'm missing the white trash innuendo on this thread. Boing Boing
  • Permanent white trash can do great damage to the environment.

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