How To Use White tail In A Sentence

  • Small, pointed white ears projected from her head and a long flowing white tail protruded from her backside.
  • He clipped his white tail and made Rabscuttle nibble his fur short and stain it with mud and blackberries.
  • Her white tail flipped up as she zigged and zagged and hopped into a stand of pines. New Weekly Contest: Best Hunting Story Wins a Leatherman
  • With a rufous red coat, white tail-tip and legs so spindly it is sometimes described as a giant fox on stilts, it stands 90 cm high at the shoulder - taller than a Great Dane.
  • It is plumbeous, with a fulvous belly and white tail coverts. V. Up the River of Tapirs
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  • True piebalds never have blue eyes and always have white tail tips.
  • The cacomistle of Costa Rica is similar to the ring-tailed cat of North America, having a very bushy white tail with black rings and white spectacles around the eyes.
  • For example, men's tailcoats for the 42nd Street production were pastel pink, blue and green, so we contrasted those with the classic formal black and white tails that the costumes are based on.
  • Aircraft pilot reported an object with a bright green head and white tail.
  • The male of the species has a white tail.
  • Would like to reemphasize the earlier comment that White Tail deer represent 25% of entered animals. Our Most Popular Big-Game Rounds
  • The male of the species has a white tail.
  • She has a chart – just in case I forget that tiny arachnids with white tails can cause horrific ulcerations to the skin or that the ones with red backs can kill. Khaos » 2009 » March
  • Males have bushy white tails and folds of brilliant blue skin on their faces.
  • He didn't know anything about her. But he imagined himself to be deeply in love with her, just because of her reddish-brown fur and her fluffy white tail and her big wide bright eyes.
  • Before Man came herds of wisent and mastodon kept the land mostly clear, and herds of white tail roamed. Fantastic Settings
  • At the shot, the buck dropped to the ground but was up again moving away with no flash of the white tail to be seen.
  • The release of white tailed eagle, Harris hawk and lanner falcon would be an offence under Section 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 unless licensed.

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