How To Use White dwarf In A Sentence

  • They are possibly generated the collapse of a massive star that does not present the characteristics of a supernova or hypernova, or by the merger of two white dwarfs Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
  • The usual model for these events is that a white dwarf star is gaining mass by accretion from a companion.
  • Galactic binaries, such as the myriad number of white dwarf stars orbiting one another throughout our galaxy, will be broadcasting an unremitting cacophony of waves discernible from space.
  • To answer your question the deflagration likely is caused during the collapse of the white dwarf in the seven to eight seconds it takes to reach its highest density during the collapse, after which the star detonates when a certain density is reached. Merging White Dwarfs Set Off Supernovae | Universe Today
  • Apparently a nova is a close binary system, made up of a cool, normal star and a White Dwarf.
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  • The planet V391b Pegasi, whose discovery was made possible by an international team of astrophysicists including researchers at Tel Aviv University, revolves around a "pulsating" star (V391 Peg) that is mutating from its "red giant" status to a shrunken "white dwarf. Planet Found That Dinosaurs Would Gaze Up To | Impact Lab
  • It is also easier to determine the mass of a white dwarf accreting energy from a known type of star, than it is to figure out the mass and total energy two colliding white dwarfs will release…. if you even happen to see them before they collide, which isn't likely. Merging White Dwarfs Set Off Supernovae | Universe Today
  • Dr. Livio has done much fundamental work on the topic of accretion of mass onto black holes, neutron stars, and white dwarfs, as well as on the formation of black holes and the possibility to extract energy from them.
  • The paper actually did choose 14 gas-poor elliptical galaxies looking in the 0.3 to 0.7 keV band to "…optimized to detect soft emission from thermonuclear-burning on the surface of an accreting white dwarf. Merging White Dwarfs Set Off Supernovae | Universe Today
  • Single asteroids no larger than 200 kilometres across could explain the dust around each of the newly studied white dwarfs, and their remains could be gobbled up and 'digested' - sinking to the star's centre - in as little as 10,000 years. New Scientist - Online News
  • We propose a SNAP-style program of single orbit FGS TRANS mode observations of very massive stars in the cluster NGC 3603, luminous blue variables, nearby low mass main sequence stars, cool subdwarf stars, and white dwarfs. SpaceRef Top Stories
  • In the case of the 1572 explosion, when the white dwarf exploded, the companion star was released from its gravitational influence like a stone being thrown by a sling.
  • Rich in objects, from galaxies to quasars to white dwarf stars, this vast data archive will serve as a resource for the entire astronomical community.
  • X-ray bright systems, (5) find binaries among ancient and nearby subdwarf stars, and (6) help calibrate the white dwarf mass - radius relation. SpaceRef Top Stories
  • We have completed the most extensive survey to date for low mass stellar and substellar companions to white dwarfs in the solar neighborhood.
  • The planet, more than twice the size of Jupiter, orbits two stars, a pulsar and a white dwarf that linked together about a billion years ago.
  • Theory predicts that a white dwarf star will explode when infalling matter from a companion star increases the mass of the white dwarf beyond a critical mass limit, known as the Chandrasekhar limit.
  • The distance estimate to T Pyxidis, revised to 3,260 light-years from the previously estimated distance of 6,000 light-years has prompted a reconsideration of the details about the white dwarf. Could A Faraway Supernova Threaten Earth? | Universe Today
  • Mass accreted onto the white dwarf can result in flickering and quasi-periodic oscillations. Unprecedented Eruption Catches Astronomers By Surprise | Universe Today
  • Now observations of formerly sunlike stars called white dwarfs suggest that the overwhelming majority of them once harbored at least one rocky world.
  • Her most recent acquisition is a white dwarf horse, but Schmelzle does not like the term dwarf, so she calls Tigger her "little love with special needs. The Journal-Standard Homepage RSS
  • A white dwarf star in the T Pyxidis system is known to be a recurrent nova, undergoing thermonuclear eruptions around every 20 years. RO.RSS
  • His team used observations from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope to investigate dead white dwarf stars.
  • Although a nova is much less energetic than a supernova, if recurrent novas are not violent enough to expel more gas than is falling in, mass will accumulate onto the white dwarf star until it passes its Chandrasekhar limit. Dawn Before Nova | My[confined]Space
  • He has photographed enough stellar nebula, white dwarfs and pinwheel galaxies to fill many a photo album.
  • The collapsed core will become a white dwarf, composed of degenerate matter supported by the inability of two electrons to occupy the same space.
  • SNAP-style program of single orbit FGS TRANS mode observations of very massive stars in the cluster NGC 3603, luminous blue variables, nearby low mass main sequence stars, cool subdwarf stars, and white dwarfs. SpaceRef Top Stories

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