white dwarf star

  1. a faint star of enormous density
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How To Use white dwarf star In A Sentence

  • Although a nova is much less energetic than a supernova, if recurrent novas are not violent enough to expel more gas than is falling in, mass will accumulate onto the white dwarf star until it passes its Chandrasekhar limit. Dawn Before Nova | My[confined]Space
  • His team used observations from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope to investigate dead white dwarf stars.
  • A white dwarf star in the T Pyxidis system is known to be a recurrent nova, undergoing thermonuclear eruptions around every 20 years. RO.RSS
  • Theory predicts that a white dwarf star will explode when infalling matter from a companion star increases the mass of the white dwarf beyond a critical mass limit, known as the Chandrasekhar limit.
  • Rich in objects, from galaxies to quasars to white dwarf stars, this vast data archive will serve as a resource for the entire astronomical community.
  • Galactic binaries, such as the myriad number of white dwarf stars orbiting one another throughout our galaxy, will be broadcasting an unremitting cacophony of waves discernible from space.
  • The usual model for these events is that a white dwarf star is gaining mass by accretion from a companion.
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