[ US /ˈhwaɪnɝ, ˈwaɪnɝ/ ]
[ UK /wˈa‍ɪnɐ/ ]
  1. a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining
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How To Use whiner In A Sentence

  • But he also has the whiners, loafers, jonesers, and all of the no-good lazy bums, male and female, without a work ethic opposing his every move.
  • He's been called, variously, a showboat, a stud, a lazybones, a workhorse, a whiner, a powerhouse, an overachiever, an underachiever, you name it.
  • Accusations of being snowflakes, entitled, whiners and slackers have constantly been leveled at our nation’s young adults.
  • Call the Wahh-mbulance -- Jack Kelly of The Blade proves once again that he's both a craven hypocrite and a thin-skinned whiner. Short Takes
  • What has the Reichwhiners going ballistic is that President Obama jumped to immediate, decisive, action. Think Progress » Fox News: Guantanamo Bay may open its doors to Haitian refugees.
  • Looks like Another Joe has been brainwashed by the right-whiners, is attempting to misdirect from the topic at hand by regurgitating talking-points, and wants to parade ignorant distractions. Think Progress » CPAC fueled by oil industry cash.
  • Nor a whiner or pouter like so many who seem to post. Kucinich Drops Out of White House Race
  • In making these assertions, I am not being a curmudgeon, a whiner or a spoilsport.
  • The same goes for all of these pitiful whiners complaining about "misandry". A movement to bring back the 'man's man'
  • By the way, mattie is a clinton troll and professional whiner. Top Dem Party Officials Send Sharply-Worded Email Demanding That Hillary Donors And Supporters Get Behind Obama
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