[ UK /wˈe‍ɪlɐ/ ]
[ US /ˈhweɪɫɝ, ˈweɪɫɝ/ ]
  1. a ship engaged in whale fishing
  2. a seaman who works on a ship that hunts whales
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How To Use whaler In A Sentence

  • In the 1997 season Norwegian whalers in 31 vessels killed 503 Minke whales of their 580-whale quota.
  • Some ziphiids are pursued by whalers for their oil and spermaceti.
  • A series of mainly South American fisherman have been hauled back to Australia with their ships and prosecuted after they were caught fishing near southern Heard Island, and HSI said it hoped to see similar action against whalers.
  • Like so many failed expeditions before them, Sir John and his men would be fleeing for their lives, dragging longboats and whalers and hastily clabbered-together sledges across the rotten ice, praying for open leads and then cursing them when the sledges fell through the ice and the contrary winds blew the heavy boats back on the pack ice, leads that meant days and nights of rowing for the starving men. The Terror
  • Mr. Fischer depicts Champlain as a wise gleaner of facts who listened to Basque whalers, Breton fishermen, African slaves -- anyone who could impart information. A Forgotten Explorateur
  • According to local legend, the killer whales would even guide the tiny whale boats out to the hunt so that the whalers could harpoon and lance the harassed animal.
  • I'm not saying the characters aren't trite, I'm just saying the film goes out of its way to portray the whalers as uninformed rather than demonizing them.
  • The photo released by the Oceanic Viking carried a headline alleging a mother minke whale and her calf were taken by Japanese whalers .
  • Had Dr Barbara and the women abandoned the island, taking passage on a visiting whaler ? RUSHING TO PARADISE
  • Makah whalers threw harpoons on three occasions, but the harpoons did not attach to a gray whale on any of these attempts.
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